Officials Say The Samsung Galaxy Could Explode If You Bring It On A Plane


According to reports, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a warning to airplane passengers not to turn on or charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on an airplane for fear the phone might explode.

Apparently, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is so dangerous -- and combustible -- the FAA doesn't want passengers even putting the phone in any checked bags for fear of "recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung."

Samsung recently issued a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 after is was discovered the rechargeable lithium batteries in the phones were responsible for multiple explosions.

The phone is allegedly the culprit behind a Jeep catching fire in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is absolutely horrifying. I mean, imagine forgetting your phone in your car and running out of your house to find a smoldering fireball.

It appears lithium batteries are more prone to overheating than alternative batteries, and any flames produced as a result of the batteries can reignite after being put out.

Is this serious? Is this a real thing in 2016? Exploding cell phones?

Forget bringing Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 on a plane. I wouldn't go near that bitch unless it was the dead of winter. And even then, it would have to be at night.

What the fuck, Samsung? Why are you trying to kill loyal customers?

Lithium batteries may provide more energy than, say, the battery in an iPhone, but at what cost?

Something tells me those iPhone 7 pre-orders are about to go through the roof.

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