Twitter Is Getting Savage After Michelle Obama Beat Melania Trump On Best-Dressed List

by Alexandra Svokos

Vanity Fair revealed its annual International Best-Dressed List this month. Usually, this is nothing more than an opportunity to look at pretty people in pretty clothes and make snarky comments about it. This year, though, Vanity Fair took something of a political stance with their best-dressed choices. Barack and Michelle Obama made the best-dressed list, but Donald and Melania Trump did not.

Vanity Fair splits its best-dressed list into several categories, including women, men, Hollywood, originals, couples, and professionals. Former President Barack and former First Lady Michelle Obama fell under the "couples" category, which indicates that their fashion choices were highlighted based on how well they paired their looks and the overall force of their combined clothing choices. The Vanity Fair citation for the Obamas is simple: It lists their occupations as "Former President and First Lady of the United States," with residences in Washington D.C. and Chicago.

For "most notable looks of the year," Vanity Fair highlights the "white Club Monaco top and custom BCBG olive-green pants paired with a gold Elizabeth and James Connolly cuff for her, and a blue shirt, navy trousers, and desert boots for him, worn in Siena, Italy." These outfits were donned by the power couple during a vacation in May and show the more laid-back chic style they've adopted since leaving the White House.

The absence of the Trumps is not mentioned in the list (that would be weird) but readers picked up on the imbalance. Twitter quickly lit up this week with people shouting about it.

The tweets specifically mention the presence of Michelle Obama and the absence of Melania Trump. which, TBH, rings a lil' sexist considering it was a "couple" notation so men were involved, too, and, yes, men wear clothes and maybe we should stop considering dressing oneself as a place for women-only? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Many tweets come from conservatives outraged by the perceived snub of Trump. And many of the tweets follow the rhetoric that has been following Obama since she entered the national stage. And by that, I mean they use language about Obama's appearance that overwhelmingly reek of racism. So I'm not going to include those tweets here because I'm not going to go ahead and promote that kind of talk.

A lot of the anger is based in the idea that this was a political move, rather than a fashion one. That may be true, given that Vanity Fair's longtime editor, Graydon Carter, has been making fun of Trump's hands for decades. Back in November 2015, Carter wrote in Vanity Fair that Donald Trump is a man of "myriad vulgarities" with a "skin of gossamer."

Elite Daily reached out to Vanity Fair for comment on why the Obamas but not the Trumps were on the best-dressed list but did not hear back at time of publication.

You could make the argument that Vanity Fair kept the Trumps off their best-dressed list for politics' case, especially considering that Melania Trump's fashion choices, including wearing heels to visit flooded Texas in late August, have been widely criticized for political, rather than sartorial, reasons. Because ultimately, objectively, Melania Trump dresses well. She just doesn't dress politically smart.

Chris Kleponis - Pool/Getty Images

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, was an ideal icon of politically smart dressing. As first lady, she wore clothes that were economical and that fit themes -- wearing dresses by designers of certain nations when meeting with their leaders, for instance.

Meanwhile, we must also consider the possible objective sartorial reasons the Trumps were left off Vanity Fair's list. Consider that the Obamas were listed in the "couples" category. Barack Obama wears well-fitted clothing that grabs attention. Donald Trump wears ill-fitting clothing that grabs attention but for the wrong reasons, like for the tape he uses on the back of his too-long ties.

As a couple, the Obamas clearly have the stronger objective style choices. So there. Bye.