Reason Trump's Mar-A-Lago Club Was Fined For 'Hazardous' Food Is So, So Gross

by Alexandra Svokos

President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort has one more strike against it -- and this time, it's all about health.

Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has infamously spent a majority of his weekends since the Inauguration, is already controversial.

For one, he's there all the time, often while hosting foreign leaders. He also golfs a lot, which is exactly what he criticized Barack Obama for doing too much of. For the record, Trump has outpaced Obama in golfing as president.

Now, this is problematic for several reasons. Each weekend trip costs about $3 million. He could be hopping over to Camp David to save money, but nah.

Meanwhile, Mar-a-Lago is not equipped for the security needs of a president.


Now, we have one more reason to be concerned about President Trump's stays at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

It's about the health safety of the food.

A recent health inspection of the Mar-a-Lago restaurant resulted in 13 kitchen violations, according to the Miami Herald.

This is a record high of violations for Mar-a-Lago, Miami Herald reported. Last year, the restaurant had 11 violations. In 2015, it only had two.

The health violations at Mar-a-Lago are pretty icky.

Probably the grossest is the storage of meats and fish.

Two coolers were keeping raw meats too warm. Meats should be stored at 41 degrees, but chicken was at 49 degrees, duck and raw beef at 50 and -- put your sandwich down -- ham was at 57 degrees.

The coolers were also found to not be in proper working order. Mar-a-Lago was ordered to empty them immediately and fix them.

Meanwhile, fish was also mishandled. There was some fish that was supposed to be served raw or undercooked, but hadn't been properly prepared with parasite destruction (ew). Inspectors ordered Mar-a-Lago to either cook the fish immediately or throw it out.

Just Wednesday, Trump was bragging about the food at Mar-a-Lago.

Because he is Donald Trump, he found a way to plug his property while discussing bombing Syria.

Trump was at Mar-a-Lago this week with China's President Xi Jinping. He said he told Xi about his missile strike on Syria while they ate the "most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you've ever seen."

Thankfully, it wasn't over the ham.

People on the internet raised their eyebrows at this Mar-a-Lago health inspection news.


Future dignitaries are now warned: Avoid the fish.

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