This Clock Shows How Long Trump Has Gone Without Dissing People On Twitter

by Hope Schreiber

As soon as we see any mention of President Donald Trump on TV, be it on a late night comedy show, a "fake news" cable channel or in any publication that isn't read by the "alt-right," we've formed the habit of hopping over to Twitter to see what the angry, orange man has to say.

It's a disgusting habit, like smoking. We know it's bad for us, the tweet is just going to make us annoyed and angry, but damn it if we don't just want one more.

If a person insults Trump in the forest, and Trump doesn't have access to Wi-Fi to tweet a response, did the insult even happen?

During Trump's address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night, the president said "the time for trivial matters has passed."

And it has me concerned. I mean, sorry, that is great for our country, right?

But does this mean Trump is handing over his Twitter password? Will there be no more petty fights, attacking reporters and other celebrities gracing my newsfeed? How will I know if Rosie O'Donnell is still upsetting a former-reality-TV-star-turned-president?!

Is this the last morsel of a Trump Twitter "takedown" we will ever see?

Probably not, in all honesty.

Although it has been very quiet in the past few days, CNN, which Trump called "fake news" and Press Secretary Sean Spicer barred from a gaggle, made a helpful clock.

So far, President Trump has gone this long without an aggressive tweet:

Whenever Trump attacks someone on Twitter next, the clock will go back down to zero.

Trump, basking in his successful Tuesday night speech, should be proud of himself and all of the practice he put into it...

Despite, you know, all the fearmongering regarding immigrants.

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