Video Of Trump Practicing His Speech Has Become Internet's New Favorite Meme

by John Haltiwanger

President Donald Trump was caught on video practicing his first speech to Congress while sitting in a car, and there's something exceptionally amusing about it.

Naturally, it's turned into a meme, because the internet can't help itself. This is why Twitter exists.

Also, kudos to Trump for actually taking some time to prepare for once, since he's notorious for hating stuff like that — he doesn't attend briefings, didn't practice for the presidential debates...

Even Trump himself has admitted this.

At the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), recalling the speech he gave at the 2011 CPAC, he stated,

I walked the stage on CPAC — I'll never forget it, really. I had very little notes and even less preparation. So when you have practically no notes and no preparation and you leave and everyone was thrilled, I said, 'I think I like this business.'

"I had very little notes and even less preparation" is Trump in a nutshell.

But, it looks like he did have a few notes this time around.

Thankfully for all of us, he was captured reviewing them, and now we have so many glorious memes.

Trump before his big speech is every college student before midterms.

Trump is about to quit the presidency and open up a carwash/carpool karaoke joint.

Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather (say that five times fast).

This might be the best one.

OK, spoke too soon. This one is also excellent.


Imagine if Trump actually did just go up there and recite Shakespeare.

So many feels, so many feels.

"Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play... "

The Donald just needs to be alone right now, OK?

"Hello darkness my old friend... "

Trump definitely orders the meatloaf every single time.

Sound it out, bro.