Tiffany Trump Is Living It Up In Europe While Her Half-Siblings Struggle In D.C.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


Remember one time your siblings got in trouble while you ran away scot-free.

Multiply that by, like, a bajillion, and you've basically got Tiffany Trump's life right now.

As her brother, Donald Trump Jr., sits on the hottest seat in America, and while people start asking more questions about her sister, Ivanka Trump, Tiffany Trump looks like she is just out here chillin'.

Here's a photo she posted on Instagram on Thursday, July 13, while on vacation in Hungary with her boyfriend, Ross Mechanic:

Now, it's anybody's guess whether Trump is actually concerned about all the scrutiny her family is facing back in the States or not.

All we know is President Donald Trump's youngest daughter is posting a dispatch from her seemingly unbothered life in Europe, which becomes all the more hilarious when you imagine her relationship with her siblings is exactly the way it looks at times.

Just think about it.

With Don Jr. and Eric Trump running the family business, Ivanka and Jared Kushner serving as presidential advisors, and younger brother Barron Trump moving into the White House, Tiffany Trump has always seemed like the one on the fringes of the first family.

And if you can't imagine that, don't worry. Twitter's already done it for you.

The more you think about it, though, Tiffany has the best deal out of all the Trumps right now. The rest of the president's kids have actual responsibilities.

Even Barron had to make major changes to his life and switch schools.

Meanwhile, Tiffany's living her best life this summer, touring around places like Berlin and Budapest, away from all the CNN-induced stress her family must be enduring.

She won't be on vacation forever, though. In the fall, she'll be moving to Washington D.C. where she'll be attending Georgetown Law School, which is lit in itself.

It's a good bet she won't live in the White House, either. That's where all the stress is.

Clearly, Tiffany Trump doesn't do stress.