Some Genius Turned Sean Spicer's Tie Into A Green Screen And It's Amazing

by Tim McGovern

At this point, Sean Spicer could win the Tour de France backward seeing as how he's so damn good at backpedaling.

BURN! *Waits for you to stop giving me a standing ovation in front of your laptop or mobile device*

The White House press secretary recently got into a heated debate with the press corp over Trump's wiretapping claims.

I can't wait for Melissa McCarthy to parody this. I mean, Sean basically provides all the script you'd need to fill 121 "SNL" episodes back to back to back.

Spicer asserts when Trump was referring to Obama's alleged wiretapping, he really meant broader surveillance, while the rest of the world believes when Trump referred to wiretapping, he really meant wiretapping.

Such a reach, right? Who would actually have the gall to take President Trump at his word?

The real awfulness, however, is the green, St. Paddy's day-themed tie Sean Spicer is wearing. Luckily for everyone, a genius by the name of Jesse McLaren decided to turn it into a green screen, and the results are breathtaking.

First, we're gifted with a spot-on photoshop job of Paul Ryan's power point and now, Sean's Dippin' Dot-hating ass gets a spicy green screen treatment? The internet is capable of wondrous things.

My personal favorite? When Sean Spicer's tie got turned into an old Microsoft screensaver... I could watch that maze for hours. In fact, I did. I was a lonely, maze-loving child.

However, when his tie turns into an endless loop of Sean Spicer wearing a tie of Sean Spicer wearing a tie of Sean Spicer, that's about as much Sean Spicer I can handle in one sitting. Period.

It's too bad we can't replace all of Sean Spicer on a green screen with a more competent press secretary. I know, that's wishful thinking on my part.

On behalf of all of America, thank you, Jesse McLaren.