Kendall Jenner Is Encouraging You To Rock The Vote In 2016 (Video)

Rock the Vote released an important new video featuring Kendall Jenner urging young people to vote, just in time for National Voter Registration Day (September 22).

In the video, Jenner discusses the history of voting in the US, with a particular focus on women's suffrage.

Last month marked the 95th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which granted all American women the right to vote.

Indeed, it's been less than a century since women in this country gained the most critical right in a democracy.

As Jenner states in the video:

When it comes to the right to vote it hasn't always been... easy, especially for women. ...On August 26, 1920, after decades of fighting, suffragettes and all women nationwide were able to vote after the 19th Amendment was signed into law. Because of suffragettes and their battle, gender doesn't matter but your vote always can.

Ashley Spillane, president of Rock the Vote, hopped on a phone call with Elite Daily to discuss the video's important message and how it pertains to the 2016 presidential election.

She said:

There's a lot of attention being paid to women in the upcoming election. We want to do our part to engage young women and make sure they know voting is a way to get their voice heard.

With women's reproductive rights and health choices consistently under attack in Congress and GOP presidential candidates who support such positions, Spillane's point is particularly pertinent.

More broadly, there's also the fact many young people have repeatedly failed to take full advantage of their voting rights. In the process, they're allowing others to speak for them.

In last year's midterm elections, for example, Millennials constituted just 13 percent of the electorate. This is quite pathetic given the size and diversity of this generation.

As Spillane puts it:

We have a problem in this country right now with Millennials needing to [vote] at higher rates. This is the largest generation in our nation's history. Millennials could make up 40 percent of the electorate if they show up in 2016.

No other generation rivals Millennials in America in terms of voting potential. In recent elections, however, Millennials have taken this power for granted.

This is precisely why Kendall Jenner collaborated with Rock the Vote and the Independent Journal on this video. At 19, she understands how vital it is for her generation to take control of the direction of their country.

As Spillane told us:

[Kendall] is incredibly passionate about this issue, and she wanted to do something to convey that. ...What is really important is reaching as many people as possible with the message of how important [voting is].

With 12.6 million followers on Twitter alone, Kendall Jenner definitely has the capacity to spread the word to a massive audience.

The voting process begins with registration, which really isn't that difficult. As Spillane notes,

You can do it online, or you can do it from your phone.

You can even do it via Elite Daily, just click here.

Make sure your voice is heard: Vote.

In the meantime, check out the brand new video featuring Kendall Jenner below:

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