Ivanka Trump Stays Silent During WHCD, Unlike Her Father

Getty Images

Even though they skipped the White House Correspondents' Dinner, all eyes were on the Trump family this weekend. President Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania instead of attending the annual event and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, wasn't at the WHCD either. Still, people were waiting to see if Ivanka would react to the jokes cracked at the administration's expense on social media.

But while President Trump mocked the WHCD in a speech, Ivanka stayed quiet — and not just about the WHCD.

Ivanka also didn't say anything about the 100 Days rally President Trump held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and there have been no reports of her attending the event. Nor has Ivanka shared anything implying that she was at the rally.

In fact, her last Instagram post was on April 27, when she shared a photo from a Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women's Mentoring Partnership event in Washington, D.C. The following day, she both tweeted a link to author Simon Sinek's TED Talk about the power of "why" and shared it on Facebook, and those were her last posts before April 29.

Yes, that is still a way of ignoring this politically charged weekend, but by not posting anything, Ivanka has a better chance of flying under the radar while WHCD host Hasan Minhaj and President Trump take up the nation's attention. By staying silent, Ivanka avoids giving people something new to criticize her for.

Of course, it also adds to her image as someone complicit in the oppression being carried out by the Trump administration.