George W. Bush Has Savage Response To Question About Trump's Inauguration Crowd

by Alexandra Svokos

Former President George W. Bush could not keep a straight face when the topic of President Donald Trump's inauguration crowd size was brought up.

The former president was asked about it during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show on Thursday night.

Bush sat up on the main stage for Trump's inauguration along with other former presidents, including Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as a show of respect for the presidency.

On the show on Thursday night, Kimmel asked Bush,

Were you jealous of the size of the crowds at Trump's inauguration?

To this, Bush could only lean his head back and laugh.

The crowd applauds Bush's unstoppable laughter, and he reminds Kimmel he was in the crowd as well.

In case you don't remember, this is what the size of Trump's inauguration crowd looked like:


It was sad and reportedly made Trump very upset. So just remember, he really doesn't like seeing that picture, so he probably won't like it if you tweet it at him every day. Just saying.

Bush reminds Kimmel he made quite a memorable (and meme-able) impression at Trump's inauguration while trying to put on a poncho.


Kimmel asks Bush if he ever got viscerally angry at Trump over the course of the presidential election for the way he was treating his brother, Jeb!.

Jeb! and Trump were pretty mean to each other throughout the campaign, as Trump crushed the man considered to be a shoo-in during the primary.

But the former president said it's just part of the political territory.

Although George W. said that, it's widely known the Bush family isn't Trump's biggest fan base.

It was reported that George H. W. Bush would vote for Hillary Clinton in the election. A spokesperson said that George W. and Laura Bush left the presidential ballot line empty when they voted.

W. has been on a press tour promoting his new book, "Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors," which includes his paintings.

Over the course of this tour, Bush has spoken out against Trump's policies. Bush has said that Trump's immigration ban is problematic and that people should be able to worship freely.

Bush wasn't exactly the best president -- and polls and data show he wasn't exactly widely loved as president -- but Trump's presidency seems to be making people see him in a new light.

I mean, at least he can be decently respectful while talking about people he clearly doesn't like. What high standards Trump has given us.

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