Trump Calling Obama ISIS Founder Isn't The Worst Thing He's Said, Poll Finds

by Alexandra Svokos

Donald Trump said President Barack Obama is the "founder of ISIS" on Wednesday night at a rally in Florida. He backed up those comments on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday morning.

Trump said,

He was the founder of ISIS, uh, absolutely... Is there something wrong with saying that? Why? Are people complaining that I said he was the founder of ISIS?

As I'm sure you know, this was just one in a long, long string of controversial things Trump has said in the year since he began his run for president.

In that long list of ridiculous things Trump said while running for president, the one that bothered people the most was when he mocked a disabled reporter, according to a Bloomberg poll.

You might not even remember this happened. Trump mocked a disabled reporter last year, but he's done so much since then, I understand why you might not recall this particular offense.

At a rally in South Carolina in November, Trump mocked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski. Kovaleski has joint problems due to arthrogryposis, a congenital condition.

Since then, Trump said he wasn't mocking the reporter.

But according to the Bloomberg poll, more than six in 10 likely voters are bothered by Trump's comments about Kovaleski, and 56 percent of likely voters are bothered by Trump's criticism of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of an American soldier who died in Iraq and spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Over half of likely voters said they were bothered by the line in Trump's Republican National Convention speech that said, "I alone can fix it," about the political system.

Forty-five percent said they were bothered by Trump calling for Russian hackers to find Hillary Clinton's deleted emails.

Clinton used Trump's mocking of the reporter, along with several of his other public offenses, in an ad.

The ad shows children watching clips of Trump, making the point, with controversial statements like these, he is probably not a great role model.

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