71 Of Donald Trump's Most Ridiculous Tweets In Honor Of His 71st Birthday

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Wednesday is President Donald Trump's 71st birthday.

That means there's no time like the present to reflect on all things Donald: his psyche, his success, everything.

While you're at it though, don't forget the tweets. After all, it's his favorite medium.

Over the years, he's used that medium to say some truly ridiculous things. On this, his 71st birthday, we take some time to recognize 71 of them (that's right, there are that many).

As the president would say, "Enjoy!"

That time he spread a conspiracy theory about global warming.

That time he said we need global warming because it's "freezing in New York."

That time he gave Katy Perry dating advice.

And then, two years later, marriage advice.

That time he was salty about the electoral college after Barack Obama won a second term.

That time he falsely predicted Obama would start a war with Iran.

That time he suggested Andrew Jackson, who was a slaveowner, could've prevented the Civil War.

That time he somehow connected Deflategate to Hillary Clinton's emails.

That time he made a list of promises for what he'd do in his first 100 days and then downplayed it once he got there.

That time he called the electoral college "a disaster for a democracy" only to win the presidency via the electoral college four years later.

When he said Russians are happy Obama got re-elected, four years before Russians tried to help get him elected.

That time he called Russia investigations the greatest witch hunt, instead of the actual Salem witch hunts.

That time he implied vaccines cause autism.

When he basically told everyone Sean Spicer can't be accurate.

That time when he savagely went after Arianna Huffington.

And did the same to Rosie O'Donnell.

That time he said Alec Baldwin's totally funny impersonation of him wasn't funny.

That time he couldn't help but be petty while wishing everyone a happy New Year.

When he did the same, for some reason, on 9/11.

That time he discussed nuclear strategy over social media.

That time he made up "illegal" votes out of thin air.

That time he implied Anthony Weiner would entertain underage girls.

Ok, sadly, that was prophetic.

That time he ripped his future colleague, Paul Ryan.

 That time he told people to go watch a sex tape.

That time he tried to act classy by "not" calling Megyn Kelly a bimbo.

That time he said there needs to be "consequences" for humanitarian work.

That time he suggested allowing women in the military is the reason sexual assault existed in the armed forces.

That time he celebrated being "congratulated" over a terrorist attack.

That time he cited an "extremely credible source" to spread a false conspiracy theory about the sitting president's birth certificate.

And then a year later implied something suspicious was behind the death of a state health director who approved Obama's birth certificate.

That time he celebrated Cinco de Mayo like this.

That time he obsessed over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship.

Like, really obsessed.

No, like, really, really obsessed.

That time he overestimated the power of Twitter.

That time he said any poll about him that isn't positive is "fake news."

That time threatened to "spill the beans" about Ted Cruz's wife.

That time he insisted his White House wasn't a mess as anonymous sources inside his White House told newspapers it was a mess.

That time he asked a question about impeachment, three years too early.

Democrats sure wish they could.

That time he accused former President Obama of wiretapping him, without evidence.

That time he ambiguously threatened to "send in the Feds" to Chicago.

When he started to backtrack off his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall.

When he called the media the enemy of the people.


That time he said the election was "rigged," not long before winning it.

When he publicly threatened to take away federal funds from a school.

When he revealed what it'd take for Vladimir Putin to become his bestie.

When he said his own government needs to shutdown.

That time he cited his favorite gun control policy.

His theory about how Derek Jeter got injured once.

"Lightbulbs cause cancer."

That time he came at Cher.

That time he said Hamilton is "highly overrated."

 When he told Michelle Malkin what she should be "ashamed" about.

When he complained about Obama's golf.

The irony.

That time he said Ronda Rousey is "not a nice person."

That time he criticized Steve Jobs' widow for having a boyfriend.

That time he tweeted about Barney Frank's nipples (yes, this is real life).

That time he asked for Steve Jobs to come back, even though he was already dead.

That time he talked about fighting members of his own political party.

That time he expressed his sympathy (not really) with the haters and losers.

That time he bragged about his I.Q. while improperly spacing his own sentence.

That time he suggested he'd taped conversations between himself and James Comey.

Not Nixonian at all.

That time he entertained a conspiracy theory about Ted Cruz's dad and then said he had nothing to do with it.

That time he assured everyone he doesn't wear a wig.

That time he said John Oliver had a "very boring and low rated" show.

That time he called an NBC host "sleepy eyes"

That time he offered his thoughts on Diet Coke.

That time he more or less predicted what his presidency would be like.

That time he offered President Obama an "incentive" to resign.