Disturbing Video Shows Another Toddler Trapped In Car With Overdosed Parents

We've seen it before, but it's no less disturbing.

A week after an Ohio police department released a shocking photo of two overdosed adults with a 4- year-old child in their backseat, similar images have come out of Wisconsin, this time through video.

The clip above shows a Milwaukee couple finding a mother and a fellow passenger passed out from an apparent opioid overdose, while the mother's 2-year-old son was in the back seat of the car.

Firefighters had to arrive on the scene to help revive the two drug-influenced adults while the Milwaukee couple fed the child before child services came.

The woman who taped the incident told WISN-TV,

We didn't touch them because we didn't know if there were needles in the car, and we didn't want to, we just grabbed the baby out. He was in the back seat. He was trying to get out. He was walking around in the car, and the car was running.

The video was recorded back in March, but the incident became relevant again this week. According to a report on Wednesday from WISN, one of the passengers in the video, 41-year-old Matthew Huber, died after suffering another overdose.

His fate, coupled with the graphic photo released last week, serve as a reminder of how serious the opioid epidemic in America really is.

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