Disturbing Video Shows Another Toddler Trapped In Car With Overdosed Parents


We've seen it before, but it's no less disturbing.

A week after an Ohio police department released a shocking photo of two overdosed adults with a 4- year-old child in their backseat, similar images have come out of Wisconsin, this time through video.

CNN on YouTube

The clip above shows a Milwaukee couple finding a mother and a fellow passenger passed out from an apparent opioid overdose, while the mother's 2-year-old son was in the back seat of the car.

Firefighters had to arrive on the scene to help revive the two drug-influenced adults while the Milwaukee couple fed the child before child services came.

The woman who taped the incident told WISN-TV,

The video was recorded back in March, but the incident became relevant again this week. According to a report on Wednesday from WISN, one of the passengers in the video, 41-year-old Matthew Huber, died after suffering another overdose.

His fate, coupled with the graphic photo released last week, serve as a reminder of how serious the opioid epidemic in America really is.

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