Michelle Obama Tweets Cute Valentine's Day Message For Barack


The Obamas are in love, and they don't care who knows it.

On Tuesday, which happens to be Valentine's Day, former President Obama posted a very romantic message to the former first lady.

In a tweet, Obama wrote,

He also posted an adorable picture of the two of them.

But, Michelle Obama's response is probably even more adorable, and once again proves the Obamas set the bar for relationships everywhere.

In a tweet, the former first lady wrote,

And she posted a photo of the two playing footsie in the sand (they've been living it up on vacation, as they should).

How do the Obamas do it?

It probably comes down to the fact Obama knew the secret to a lasting relationship years ago, which he revealed in an interview far before he and Michelle Obama were household names.

Back in May 1996, the former president said,

Keep that "tension between familiarity and mystery" alive in your relationship, and perhaps you'll end up as happy as the Obamas.

If you're still single, just know there's a "Barack" or a "Michelle" out there for all of us (not necessarily literally with those names, but you get the picture).

Happy Valentine's Day!