McDonald's Holiday Pie is back for 2021, and here's where to buy it, its price, and availability.

McDonald’s Is Selling Holiday Pies Again, But They May Be Tricky To Find

Hello, creamy vanilla goodness (and sprinkles!).

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Get ready for some flaky crust and tasty vanilla custard because McDonald’s is bringing back one of its beloved holiday desserts. The fast food chain first unveiled the holiday-forward bite in 2017, and it’s officially back for its fifth year in a row. Before you head out to grab one, here’s everything to know about the McDonald’s Holiday Pie in 2021, including where to buy it near you, the price tag, and how long it’ll be available.

McDonald’s teased the return of its Holiday Pies on Twitter on Nov. 28. In response to a fan’s question about when the restaurant would be getting its Holiday Pies back, McDonald’s wrote, “We understand how much you adore our holiday pie, Jay. It won’t be long before it reappears. Keep an eye out for updates.” Well, the company kept its word, and as of Dec. 2, the Holiday Pie is finally here. McDonald’s confirmed its return in an email to Elite Daily: “McDonald’s Holiday Pie has returned this season.” So, there you have it — Holiday Pie szn is here.

If you’re ready to make your go-to Mickey D’s order a little more merry, here’s everything you need to know about where to get yours and kick off the festivities.

Where To Buy McDonald’s Holiday Pie

You can get McDonald’s Holiday Pie at participating U.S. locations, but you’ll want to do your research. According to McDonald’s, availability varies by region, so the brand suggests checking your local restaurant’s menu through the McDonald’s app to make sure they have the holiday goodness near you.

I found the Holiday Pie at a Southern California location, and it also appears to be available in Chicago, Illinois. Fans of the tasty treat have also tweeted about getting one in their respective states, including in Ohio, Washington, and Texas.

Checking through the McDonald’s app, the Holiday Pie appears to have a pretty widespread availability. However, it doesn’t appear to be available in Florida or South Carolina. So, check your app before you bank on scoring the Holiday Pie at McDonald’s.

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Pricing for the Holiday Pie may vary by location, but a Southern California location is selling them in a two-count pack for $1.59, and a Chicago location has them priced at $1.49 per pie.


According to McDonald’s, the Holiday Pie is available at McDonald’s through early January 2022, while supplies last.


For a refresher on what the festive bite are made of, the Holiday Pie features a buttery, flaky crust filled with creamy vanilla custard. The pie also has a sugar glaze on top and a generous topping of rainbow sprinkles. Basically, it’s a holiday celebration wrapped in the perfect handheld dessert.


Before heading out to McDonald’s to grab a Holiday Pie, check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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