Malia Obama Got Caught Smoking At Lollapalooza And There's A Video


Malia Obama, 18, recently came back from Lollapalooza, busy being a teenager, and because you can't do anything fun as the president's daughter without someone noticing, she was caught on camera smoking something in the video below.

Whether it's a cigarette or a joint -- it's hard to say. But people are predictably foaming at the mouth about it.

Here's a still of the moment in question, which looks pretty clear cut.


Supposedly, according to an "eyewitness" source for the New York Post, it was weed -- although I think we should take that piece of information with a grain of salt as big as the moon.

And even so, let's just give her a break. For the last eight years, she lived the most sheltered life imaginable. The 18-year-old is perfectly entitled to doing some weird shit at a few festivals. Doing weird shit at festivals is, at this point, one of the American citizen's inalienable rights.

People on Twitter had some important commentary to add regarding the video, like this:

And this:

Let's just hope this is as far as the discussion goes. Although, I highly doubt that will end up being the case.