Jared Fogle Was Ultimately Busted By Wire-Tapped Woman Working With FBI

For someone with so much on-camera experience, Jared Fogle does not grasp the concept of keeping his illegal inclinations out of the eyes and ears of members of televised press.

Rochelle Herman, a reporter who covertly recorded her candid conversations with Fogle for the FBI, recently spoke to Anderson Cooper in an interview with CNN where she detailed her interactions with the former Subway representative.

Fogle reportedly began confiding in Herman in 2007 at a school outreach event for the American Heart Association.

In the interview, Herman recalled,

I was on the stage in the auditorium. We were waiting for the group of kids to come in, and he thought that we were just by ourselves having a one-on-one conversation when, in fact, my cameraman, who was just off in the gymnasium, said he was recording us… We were having just a nice conversation, and he just came out of the blue when we were talking about the kids, and he said that he thought that the middle school girls were hot.

Herman kept in contact with Fogle and eventually contacted authorities, who requested she record her exchanges with the television personality. So, the reporter earned Fogle's trust and collected a series of his shocking statements.

Of Fogle's proclivity for sex with underage children, Herman told Cooper,

It was just something that he really, really enjoyed and he trusted me for unknown reasons… and he had said numerous times to me over the course of the years about having sex with minors.

During one of their many conversations, their interactions reached a new level when Fogle reportedly inquired about Herman's children.

Herman reportedly said,

I had two young children at the time, and he talked to me about installing hidden cameras in their rooms and asked me if I would choose which child I would like him to watch.

Fogle has children himself, but his wife, Katie, recently filed for divorce and said she is concentrating her efforts on her children's well-beings.

Fogle is planning to enter a plea deal that, by admitting his guilt, will earn him five to 12 years in prison.

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