Ivanka Trump Sends "Thoughts" For Hurricane Irma But She's Getting Trolled

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Just as Ivanka Trump sends warm wishes towards those who will be affected the imminent arrival of Hurricane Irma on the U.S. mainland, the first daughter and White House advisor has become the subject of a troll-like petition. To be more specific, a petition is calling for Hurricane Irma to be renamed "Hurricane Ivanka" and has drawn over 10,000 signatures to date. In a summary of the petition's cause, President Donald Trump's disposition against the idea of global warming was cited as a reason why the storm's name would be appropriate.

The summary read,

Ivanka Trump can say what she wants about climate change, but as long as she quietly stands back, she remains complicit in the destruction we all face at the hands of her father's administration. That's why we're petitioning the World Meteorological Association to rename Hurricane Irma to Hurricane Ivanka.

At around 2 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 8, the petition had reached 10,700 of its goal of 11,000 signatures. And the (let's face it, unapologetically petty) idea of changing Hurricane Irma's name was a subject of a number of tweets as well, most notably from former Star Trek star and frequent Trump critic George Takei who wrote,

Wrong to rename Hurricane Irma after Ivanka. After all, Irma is a powerful fast moving storm while Ivanka is weak, powerless & ineffective.

Unrealistic petitions aside, the subject of animosity being directed at Ivanka Trump has indeed been a relevant subject all week. Earlier in the week, reporters had emerged that Republican leaders were "visibly annoyed" after the first daughter interrupted a key meeting about the federal debt ceiling. That meeting, of course, resulted in President Donald Trump pulling a move that saw him suddenly side with Democrats, which left Republicans "shell-shocked."

Both Trumps' actions during that meeting was the subject of much talked about political moves. However, their sentiments regarding Hurricane Irma have been anything but controversial.

On Twitter, the president has been urging residents who have the means to evacuate to do just that. President Trump also posted a video message on Friday morning to supplement his calls for urgency. Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, has been sharing some of her father's posts and sent out a message of her own.

As of Friday morning, Hurricane Irma looks increasingly like to impact Florida via a path that has been labelled the "worst case scenario" by a number of meteorologists.

Meanwhile, even as the storm was downgraded to a Category 4 hurricane by the National Hurricane Center, the possibility of Irma reverting to Category 5 strength still remained.

Fox News meteorologists Janice Dean said,

I don't want to let your guard down, because we're still dealing with a very strong, potentially catastrophic storm… 157 [mph], by the way, brings it up to a cat 5, and there's still very warm water ahead of it. So there's no reason why we can't actually see this wind-change fluctuation and move it up to a five again in the next advisory.

Both President Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott have issued a state of emergency for the state, which is projected to face Irma's impact by Sunday morning. Gov. Scott himself has insisted on numerous occasions that Irma is a storm capable of causing more damage than the 1992's Hurricane Andrew. On Wednesday, Scott said,

Storm surge and extreme winds are the biggest concern right now. The storm is bigger, faster and stronger than Hurricane Andrew.

The governor then added,

The storm is massive and the storm surge is predicted to go for miles. In some instances, it could cover homes and go very far inland.

Hurricane Andrew caused more than $25 billion in damage. Residents in Florida will he hoping Irma does not do the same.