There's no official Wordle App. Here's the deal with copycat games you may see and how to get the da...

Here’s The Deal With “Wordle” Apps That Look Like The Viral Game

Don’t be fooled.


ICYMI, there’s a new word game called Wordle that’s thrown Twitter into a frenzy. The online game, which gives you six chances to guess the word of the day, can only be played once a day, but fans are craving more ways to play. If playing the daily brain teaser has left you wondering is there a Wordle app, here’s how to get the word game with daily puzzles.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Twitter’s latest obsession, here’s what you need to know. In October 2021, software engineer Josh Wardle created and developed Wordle for his word game-obsessed partner, Palak Shah. How it works is, you have to try to guess the five letter word of the day within six tries with the help of the gray, yellow, and green squares. A yellow square lets you know that you’ve guessed the right letter but it’s in the wrong spot, and a green square signifies a letter in the correct spot. A gray square means the letter doesn’t appear in the word at all.

Each day, the game picks a new word of the day that all players must guess. That means players can only play one round per day, which is why Wordlers have become so obsessed with the brain teaser. Fans who are itching for more chances to play have been wondering if there is an app where they can get their Wordle fill, but the answer is a bit complicated.


Is There A Wordle App?

If you’ve been looking for a way to play Wordle on-the-go, there’s something you should know. Prior to Jan. 12, if you searched “Wordle” in the App Store, you probably saw more than a few options pop up (and you might still see some games with the name). After Wordle took off, several copycat versions of the game showed up in app form. According to Apple, as of Jan. 12, the apps were removed from the App Store. You may see some apps that still say “Wordle.” Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on why some “Wordle” apps are still available but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Among the clones was an app called “Wordle — The App,” per Vanity Fair, and though the app used the same basic design and color scheme as the OG game, app creator Zach Shakked’s version featured levels for five, six, and seven letter words, a pro account option for $29.99 per year, and let players play multiple rounds a day. On Jan. 12, Shakked addressed the issue on Twitter, saying, in part, “I realize I crossed a line. And I surely, surely will never do anything remotely close to this again.”


As for the possibility of a Wordle app in the future, in a Jan. 12 interview with Newsweek, Wardle gave some insight into the future of the game, including any plans (or lack thereof) to monetize it. “My goal was never to generate income and it just grew organically. That's why it's not monetized, even though it is very easy to imagine how that could look,” said Wardle. He added that, “...twisting it just to make money feels wrong to me.” So, if you see pricey “Wordle” apps, they’re not from Wardle.

However, when asked if Wordle has reached its final form, Wardle addressed a possible archive of past games and said, "Right now, it's just the website but it doesn't have to be that way forever.” So, it’s not out of the question — but it’s not here yet.

How To Get Wordle

WRDL app

So if there’s no app, how is Wordle supposed to be played? The daily brain teaser can be found on the website that Wardle created for free, which you can play online or with a browser on your phone. Through the website, you can share the results of your daily Wordle on social media or by text, and after you’ve completed your round for the day, the website lets you know when the game will refresh with a countdown to the next Wordle.

If you’re still looking for games to fill the time while you wait for your next puzzle, check out these similar word games.