Here's how to wrap a Squishmallow with this TikTok hack.

Wrap Squishmallows Like A Pro With This Super Helpful TikTok Hack

They’ll love your wrapping skills as much as the gift!

Squishmallows are adorable, but when it comes to gifting them, you might feel stumped about how to wrap the toys. Luckily, despite their awkward shape, TikTokers have come up with a clever solution you’ll want to try this holiday season. So find your favorite wrapping paper and set the ribbons aside because this TikTok hack will teach you how to wrap a Squishmallow stress-free.

Squishmallows have been all the rage for a while now, so if you had to hunt down a specific holiday one, you’ll want to make it look nice when you wrap it up as a gift. Unfortunately, their strange shape can make it hard to wrap with traditional wrapping paper — unless you know this super helpful hack. Don’t resort to a gift bag and tissue paper just yet, though. The Squishmallow wrapping hack, posted by a TikTokers like @lenniamc, @lizluxehome, and @wingingitwifey, calls for a regular roll of wrapping paper, some tape, and a few folds — and honestly, it's not as complicated as you’d think.

To start, use the Squishmallow to gauge how much wrapping paper you’ll need and roll it out on a flat surface: You should have a generous amount, larger than the measurements of your Squishmallow. Fold the paper into two halves vertically and tape the middle of the fold to secure it.

Then, measure a fold the size of your Squishmallow’s bottom at the bottom of the paper, and fold the paper up, away from you. Lift up the fold you just made so there’s a 90-degree angle to the paper on the ground, and fold the left and right side of the open paper in toward each other, pulling from the center. From there, flip the two unfolded ends of that section of the paper in an envelope fold, and tape the bottom folds. (It should look like a package now.)


After the bottom is sorted, put your Squishmallow inside the open end. Then, pull the folded bottom out so it’s extended, as though you’re getting ready to stand the package up. Next, smooth down the rest of the paper and fold the unfolded end in a horizontal strip (about an inch or so lengthwise). Repeat that same fold in the opposite direction, going forward to backward like an accordion until you cannot fold any more.

Some hacks stop at one fold and tape the present up — so it’s standing with a bag-like top fold — so it’s all about how you want it to look. If you skip the accordion fold, the gift will look like this:


If you do the accordion fold, flare out the two folded sides like a fan and tape the middle section down. Then, fan out each side and tape them together in the middle. The result should look like this:


Whatever way you choose to wrap your Squishmallow, this TikTok wrapping hack should help you make it look festive just in time for gift giving.