Here's how to play Starbucks' Bonus Star Bingo to score freebies.

Starbucks’ Bonus Star Bingo Is Back, & You Can Win Free Drinks

Any excuse for a coffee run.

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Starbucks’ Bonus Star Bingo is back, and you can score freebies as you fill up the board. Since the bingo game hasn’t appeared since October 2019, you may need a refresher on how to play Starbucks’ Bonus Star Bingo. The virtual game — which started on May 24 and ends on June 20, 2021 — lets Starbucks Rewards members collect Stars in pursuit of free food and drinks.

To start playing Starbucks' Bonus Star Bingo, you'll need to be a Starbucks Rewards member. If you aren’t a Starbucks Rewards member yet, you can sign up for free online or through the Starbucks app. Select rewards members will get an email invitation to play the game, or you can check your Starbucks app inbox to get started. Once you open the email, you'll need to tap "Let's Bingo" to activate your board.

Unlike some of the more involved Starbucks games, Starbucks’ Bonus Star Bingo game basically gives you the chance to capitalize on Starbucks runs you make at participating locations through June 20 by rewarding you with Bonus Stars for completing challenges.

When you complete a challenge on a space by making the required purchase at a participating location with your registered Starbucks card or a payment method linked to your Starbucks Rewards account, you’ll see a bingo marker in the space. For each space and row you full, you’ll earn a varying number of stars, and a full board will earn you the total amount of available Bonus Stars. There are up to 375 Bonus Stars available for some Rewards members, but total Bonus Star amounts will vary for members.


After you activate your bingo board, you’ll receive a prompt to log into your Rewards account. From there, you’ll see a bingo card and spaces with challenges like "Lunch Break," "On A Roll," and "All Your Faves." Bingo cards will vary, but the premise of each challenge is simple. You'll want to read the requirements of each and complete the purchase combo to earn complete that circle (of course, you’re welcome to keep your coffee habits unchanged and see which bingo spaces you get). For example, if I want to complete the "All Your Faves" space on my Bonus Star Bingo card, my instructions read, “Make a purchase of $10 or more in a single order.” Once I do that, I’ll get fill a single circle, which is worth a varying number Bonus Stars.

The main point of the Bonus Star Bingo game is to fill in all of the spaces, connect the dots, and collect as many Stars as you can. After you make a Starbucks trip and start filling in the spaces, you'll begin collecting Stars, which you can redeem for freebies like your favorite coffee or breakfast sandwich.


To make sure Bonus Stars are added to your Rewards account, check your board to claim your bingos to make sure your Bonus Stars are available for you to use toward food and drink purchases. The only purchases that won’t count toward your Bonus Star Bingo are gift cards and reloads, Princi products, or alcohol.

Once you’ve logged into Bonus Star Bingo, buy your favorite sips to complete challenges and see if you can get all your Bonus Stars.

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