Here's how to get McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk'n by scoring all 3 Halloween Pails at McDonald's.

Score McBoo, McGoblin, & McPunk'n When You Get All 3 Halloween Pails

It’s an investment — they’ll be vintage one day!

Courtesy of McDonald's

Halloween is officially in full swing at McDonald’s, now that the beloved Halloween Happy Meal Pails returned to stores on Oct. 18 for the first time since 2016. This year, there are three festive bucket designs up for grabs — McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n — and whether you’re a long-time collector of the vintage goodies, or your collection is just getting started, you’re probably wondering how to get all three Halloween 2022 Pails from McDonald’s. TBH, you’re going to have to get creative, but if you’re up for the challenge, here are some tricks for locking down the limited-edition treats.

McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin all made their debut in 1986 when the Halloween Pails first launched, but back then they were each shaped like a pumpkin and featured a uniquely creepy jack-o-lantern face on the front. This time around, the updated bucket designs offer a bit more variety — McGoblin is a green pail that’s made to look like a witch, McBoo is a white pail that gives off major ghosts vibes, and McPunk’n is an orange pail that sticks to its frightening jack-o-lantern roots. Plus, each bucket has three different faces printed on the sides, so you can pick the expression that fits your mood.

Just like in years past, the lovable Happy Meal buckets will only be available for a limited time. Considering they’ve been gone for so long, you can probably expect them to be a hot ticket item, but here are some tips for scoring all three designs worth trying while the Halloween Pails are still available. Beware, you may have to put in some work.

How To Get McBoo, McGoblin, And McPunk’n

The easiest way to snag all three of the trick-or-treat accessories is by simply ordering multiple Halloween Pails. I know — genius, right? You can do this by ordering multiple Happy Meals in one order, or, if your go-to restaurant is running low on stock, you can try your luck by visiting several different locations. In case you need a refresher on how to order the themed baskets, the Halloween Pails come with the following Happy Meals orders:

  • Hamburger Happy Meal
  • 4-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal
  • 6-piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal

Sure, this trick is kind of a no-brainer, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll walk away with three different pails on the first try, either. Even though all three bucket designs, McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n, are out at the same time (not in a staggered release that was rumored before their release), it really comes down to luck as you try to score all three Halloween Pails.

If you want to increase your odds at completing your collection, try asking for a specific pail (or pails) when you place your order. Keep in mind, you’re not really supposed to request a certain bucket with your order — the pails are typically given out at random, but if your local Mickey D’s isn’t too packed with frantic fans also trying to score the nostalgic buckets, it might be worth a shot.

Courtesy of McDonald's

Don’t forget, the Halloween Pails are only available while supplies last, so once your store sells out, they’re out for good. And if the pails sell out as quickly as the Cactus Plant Flea Market box did earlier this month, there’s a chance you won’t be able to get your hands on all three buckets. You’ll have better odds if you try sooner rather than later, though, so if you want to add the new designs to your soon-to-be-vintage collection, you’ll want to get ordering ASAP.