Here are some of the best ways to save money online shopping to make great deals even better.

These Super Easy Online Shopping Hacks Will Save You Money *Every* Time


Online shopping is already pretty great on its own. You browse from the comfort of your couch, add to cart, and get it delivered to your door. But what might make it even better is saving cash money while doing it. TBH, no matter where you're shopping from online, there are plenty of ways you can lower the cost. From brand loyalty programs to websites, here are nine ways to find online deals while shopping during the holidays and beyond.

The most obvious way to save is to keep track of online sales and shop during a time when prices are the lowest of the season. But no matter the sale, you can earn even more savings without much extra work. While it's nice to save on shopping over the holidays, these programs are available to use year-round, so get ready to change your online shopping game (and keep your piggy bank stuffed).

Here are some of the easiest ways you can save money online shopping.

1. Honey

Honey works by finding coupons for items in your cart. When you add it to your web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Opera) as an extension, Honey will find relevant promo codes for items while you shop. If there's a promo code for your items, click once to apply it, and you've scored a discount you didn't even know existed. The average discount is almost 18% and most customers save an average of $126 annually just by adding Honey to their browser, according to the brand's website.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten gives you cash back on purchases from so many retailers. All you need to do is use Rakuten’s website or app to find the store you want to shop. Then shop like you normally would, and Rakuten will give you a percentage of cash back on your money spent. While it sounds too good to be true, the stores you shop pay Rakuten a commission, and then Rakuten pays a portion of that commission back to you. Once you earn $5.01 or more, you can request to withdraw your cash back through PayPal or a check.

3. Popcart

Popcart puts in the work to give you savings, since it compares current prices from different retailers for you no matter where you're shopping. For example, if you're browsing Target's website, it'll scan the item and then let you know if you have a good deal, or if there's a better price somewhere else. By adding Popcart’s extension to your browser, you’ll get price comparisons by unit. If a sale item is out of stock, Popcart will even notify you when it's back in.


4. MyPoints

When you have a MyPoints account, you can score cash back (MyPoints) on items you shop from a ton of different retailers. MyPoints awards you a specific number of points per dollar depending on where you’re shopping. Once you rack up enough points, you can redeem your points for a gift card for stores like Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more. It's free to create an account, and you can shop using the website or download the MyPoints app on Google Play or the App Store.

5. Target Circle

Target Circle is the retailer’s official loyalty program. To sign up you’ll need an account with, but if you have a Target RedCard or were previously signed up with a Target or Cartwheel account you already have access to Circle. Target Circle gives you 1% on every purchase without a RedCard, while RedCard members earn 5% off purchases when they use their RedCard. When you shop with your linked account, you'll get 1% back as you would in-store. You can redeem your cash back by scanning the wallet barcode in the Target app. If you’ve never used Target Circle, download the Target app and sign up for a free account.


6. Bed, Bath, & Beyond's Beyond Plus

If you're looking to score deals on home items, you can save from Bed, Bath, and Beyond by signing up for Beyond Plus. Although it costs $29 for the membership, you'll save 20% off every purchase you make online, and you'll always get free shipping. You can sign up online here.

7. Nordstrom's The Nordy Club

The Nordy Club is free to join and will earn you one point per dollar spent at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, and HauteLook, in-store or online. Once you stack up enough points, you'll earn Nordstrom Notes (for example, 500 points is $5) that work like store credit. Sign up for an account here.

8. Ulta's Ultamate Reward

Ulta's loyalty program is free to join and works for online purchases in addition to in-store. You'll earn one point for every dollar spent when you're logged into your Ultamate Rewards account online, and once you've got 100 points or more, you can redeem those points for items at Ulta. You can sign up for an account here.

9. Best Buy's My Best Buy Rewards

Best Buy's My Best Buy Rewards program offers 0.5 points on every dollar spent on eligible purchases and it's free to sign up. Once you accumulate 250 points, you can trade that in for a $5 reward certificate to spend with Best Buy. You can create an account here.

Although this list is not exhaustive, you can save a ton of extra money by using these tricks on your next online shopping trip. If you want to see if a specific brand has a loyalty program, check its website and make sure it applies to its online purchases.

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