These haunted house zoom backgrounds will add spooky vibes to your Halloween party.

Transport Yourself To A Creepy Haunted House With These Zoom Backgrounds

You’ll forget you’re actually sitting on your couch.

by Daffany Chan
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It's time to kick off the Halloween festivities with a themed celebration. If you're celebrating the spooky holiday at home this year, you can use a remote video conferencing platform like Zoom to connect with your spooky season crew. You can even add Halloween-themed virtual spooky backgrounds to give your pals a good scare. Here are 19 haunted house Zoom backgrounds to use during your remote gathering.

To get started using Zoom's virtual background feature, you'll need to make sure that you're using a PC or Mac computer with the most updated version of Zoom, or the Zoom mobile app, which is compatible with iPhone 8 or later, fifth generation iPad or later, and Android 8.0 or higher. Once you're set up, you can then change your virtual background by signing into your account, heading to Settings, and selecting the Virtual Background tab. From there, you'll be able to upload an image to use as your background. If you’re using your phone, tap Virtual Background on Android or Background and Filters on iOS.

You can easily bring the party to your house if you're skipping out on a IRL haunted house tour this year. A haunted house background will easily transport you from your living room to a frightening scene that'll make you feel just like you're exploring an abandoned space. Royalty-free image services like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels have plenty of photos featuring spooky scenes you'd usually find in a haunted house.

If you're ready for a virtual scare, check out these haunted house backgrounds for Zoom.

1. Abandoned House


Surrounded by barren trees, this abandoned house background from Unsplash sets the perfect spooky autumn scene for your call. Whether it be haunted or maybe just super old, the house will surely make for an eerie background this Halloween season.

2. Grim Reaper


This haunted house background from Pixabay has the Grim Reaper waiting for you to enter. Give your friends the virtual creeps with the shadowy figure standing atop a misty graveyard behind you.

3. Jack-O'-Lantern


If you’re looking to welcome guests with an ominous jack-o'-lantern, you can find this haunted house background on Unsplash. As Halloween approaches, using this background with a smiling pumpkin scarecrow alongside you during a Zoom gathering will be sure to make you the most festive person there.

4. Colorful Haunted House


You can add a splash of color to your virtual party with this lit up haunted house background from Unsplash. A neon, spooky carnival backdrop, it will instantly conjure up sugary smells and visions of caramel apples and candy corn fit for any Halloween Zoom meetup.

5. Misty Forest


Add a layer of mystery to your call with this Pixabay misty forest background, which features a creepy house hiding in the fog. Surrounded by eerie wilderness, this image very much gives off the vibes of a haunted cabin in the woods or slasher film.

6. Undead City


This zombie background from Pixabay features an apocalyptic scene with zombies on the hunt. If you’re a fan of shows like The Walking Dead and movies such as Train to Busan, this scene from a zombie-infested destroyed city is perfect for any Halloween Zoom call.

7. Vampiric Castle


Add a cloak of darkness to your call by using this background from Pixabay, which features a gothic castle and a terrifying vampire. This is no vampire from the Cullen family, either: Your Zoom guests will be face-to-face with a bloodthirsty, evil vampire alongside you.

8. Ghoulish Graveyard


Get your Zoom party into the ghostly mood with this haunted graveyard background from Pixabay. It features a small cemetery fit with a creepy statue and eerie tombstone lit by candlelight, all beneath a menacing gnarly tree.

9. Abandoned Villa


Transport yourself to the inside of an abandoned villa that's in ruins with this spooky background from Pixabay. With homely remnants of the inhabitants who once lived there, this backdrop is sure to give people a creepy, haunted feeling.

10. Black Cat


Add an ominous feel to your Zoom meeting with this Pixabay black cat background, which features a lone feline in a big abandoned mansion room. If you’re a cat person, you’ll definitely want to bring along the Halloween icon that is a black cat to your next virtual get-together.

11. Gothic Fantasy


This gothic fantasy background from Pixabay is set on a dark landscape with a statue of an angel holding a mysteriously lit candle. With storm clouds above and a menacing mansion behind you, you can count on being the one who sets the eerie mood this October during your Zoom meetings.

12. Dracula


It'll be a bloody good time with this Pixabay background, featuring Dracula looking in a broken mirror right at your Zoom guests. Try not to jump scare your Zoommates by covering up Dracula’s frightening face with your head and then revealing him halfway through your meeting.

13. Dancing Witch


Give a good spooking with this Unsplash background, which features a mysterious witch cloaked with fog. Jack-o'-lantern in hand, the witch is a great plus-one to include onscreen for any virtual Halloween celebration.

14. Scary Skeleton


This background from Unsplash is sure to give you and your fellow Zoom attendees shivers. It features a creepy mother-like skeleton holding and peering into the eyes of a skeleton baby.

15. Bloody Handprint


You'll want to beware of entering this room found on Pexels, which has a bloody handprint on the door and a ghost awaiting you behind the glass. Featuring a classic ghoulish figure cloaked in a white sheet, as well as a vintage hue, this picture will bring spooky retro vibes to your meeting.

16. Zombie Break-In


Stay clear of the undead in this Pexels background featuring zombies trying to break into a room. Clearly taking place in some disheveled, abandoned house, this backdrop is perfect for any Halloween-themed Zoom party.

17. Halloween Horror


Hopefully this scary background from Unsplash won’t have your fellow Zoom guests running away from their screens. The eerie silhouette of the figure behind the door will give anyone the creeps, which is why it’s perfect for this Halloween.

18. Witch’s Broom


Channel standing outside of a witch’s lair with this Pexels background featuring a broom sitting up against a wall filled with dirty handprints. You’ll instantly get shivers down your spine while using this as your next Halloween Zoom backdrop.

19. Sinister Structure


There’s hardly anything more menacing than a big, eerie cabin-like house barely visible in the distance because of mist. Use this Zoom background from Unslpash if you’re feeling like you want to vanish into some mysterious foggy woods.

Once you have your Halloween background set, get ready for a scary-good virtual celebration. You can even spice it up with some mystery scavenger hunts and themed games. Just because you can't be scared IRL doesn't mean you need to have a fright-less holiday this year.

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