Gameshow Host Kisses Woman's Cleavage On Live TV After She Clearly Says No

A French TV show is under investigation after the host was filmed kissing an actress's boobs without her consent.

The incident took place on"TPMP," a popular game show, when host Jean-Michel Maire asked the woman for a kiss on the cheek and she refused.

They had been acting out a scene that poked fun at Kim Kardashian's jewelry raid incident at her Paris hotel.

Maire wanted the kiss after he "saved" her. She is seen turning her head the other way. He says,

Just a kiss on the cheek.

She replies, "I said no."

Suddenly, the host dives down to her breasts and kisses her right boob.

The audience laughs and cheers, but the actress is left looking visibly distressed.

It received more than 200 complaints to The Superior Council of Audiovisual and sparked an investigation by French TV regulators, reports MailOnline.

The incident follows a similar scene that played out on live TV in Spain.

It shows a TV host tug at a woman's dress, exposing her left boob.

The short clip went viral overnight because opinion is split on how said slip came about. Some say it was intentional while others say it was a mistake.

The host is talking to the camera when he goes to grab his guest's attention.

He paws at her without looking, which causes part of her dress to fall down.


This looks like an accident, but the scenes that followed after make it look as though the reveal was intentional, and maybe the guest was in on it too.

The show replays the slip in slo-mo on the big screen behind them. The guest gets up and tries to block the view of the screen with her body before storming off the stage.


No one knows if the nip slip was all just an elaborate hoax.

There are no reports of TV regulators investigating this incident.

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