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5 games like Snapchat's egg hunt to keep the adventure going.

5 Games Like Snapchat's Egg Hunt To Keep The Adventure Going

Don't worry, be hoppy.

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With Easter right around the corner on April 17, preparations are in full swing and Snapchatters have been awaiting the comeback of Snapchat’s Easter Egg Hunt. The popular game debuted in 2018, but it was missing from the app last year — and it won’t be returning for 2022 (womp, womp). Not to worry, there are plenty of other games like Snapchat’s egg hunt to keep the Easter energy going. Check out all the adventuring fun you can still have on April 17 (and beyond) even though the fan-favorite egg hunt isn’t on the app.

In case you haven’t played it before, the augmented reality (AR) game involved hunting virtual Easter eggs by physically traveling to locations around you on the Snap Map. You would earn points for eggs collected in your basket, and compete against friends for the highest score. While the app held a fully virtual hunt in 2020 to encourage users to stay home, the OG Snapchat egg hunt has yet to return. There was no clear reason provided for the break, but with the game unavailable for 2022, Snap does have a few peace offerings for disappointed fans — which is a good development, because Twitter is full of Snapchatters pleading with the company to bring back the hunt:

If these tweets hit you right in the feels, you’ll be happy to know you can still continue your tradition of Easter egg hunts. While it’s not exactly the same, Snapchat has other Easter-related games including Color Galaxy, a go-kart game where you race against other players to secure Easter eggs inside the arena.

You can also venture off the app for some egg hunt-like fun. From mobile app games to adventure games that bring you outdoors, you’ll soon forget that there ever was a Snapchat egg hunt. Here are five games like Snapchat’s Easter Egg Hunt that will keep you searching all holiday long:



The exploration app generates random coordinates for you to get out of your home on an adventure, also known as “randonauting,” according to the website. The numbers are quantumly generated and completely random, with no limits on where it could lead you. Does it sound exciting or mysterious? Make sure to take note of a number of safety precautions before heading out.


This Facebook game calls itself “the world’s largest online Easter egg hunt” and says there are “over 1,500 unique eggs and pets for you to find and collect.” The aim of the game is to collect eggs as they appear and release the forest animals, known as Hatchlings (um, adorable), that have been captured by bunnies and locked in eggs. You can collect eggs to complete a series or compete against your friends for the highest score. Here’s a detailed guide on how to play to win.

Cadbury Worldwide Hide


Beloved chocolate company Cadbury is back with its Worldwide Hide for a second year this Easter after being widely successful in 2021. The virtual egg hunt involves you hiding an egg anywhere in Google Maps for your friends and fam to find, and you can share clues with them about to where they can find it. It’s time to get creative and think of special locations that remind you of good times.

Watson Adventures

The scavenger hunt experts at Watson Adventures are hosting a virtual Easter egg hunt on April 16 called “Great Eggspectations.” You’ll sign up as a team and meet on Zoom, where a host will set you up for the hunt on their app. The one-hour adventure is said to take place in “some of the world’s greatest museums,” and you will have to work together to decode clues and answer questions that will lead you to the eggs. Sounds egg-citing? You can buy tickets for the virtual egg hunt for $19 each, and everyone on the team will need their own ticket.

Pokémon Go

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Don’t forget about the game that has over 1 billion downloads, and at one point had over 250 million monthly players. If haven’t played, it’s not too late to hop on the trend. The mobile game takes you into an augmented reality world through your screen, where you “catch” Pokémon Eggs at PokéStops as you explore the very real outside world. The game can be downloaded on Android or iOS devices.