Here's How To Find Easter Eggs On Snap Map During The "Great Snapchat Egg Hunt"


Hey, so I can't wait for this weekend's egg hunt. No, I'm not coming to your grandma's annual egg hunt... I'm referring to the one through Snapchat's Snap Map. Maybe you haven't heard, but you've actually already been recruited to compete against pretty much everyone in your neighborhood in an extremely extensive egg hunt... and trust me, it's going to be totally wild. But if you're not entirely sure how to find Easter eggs on Snap Map, let me show you the way. It's super easy, and TBH, I'm already getting into competitive mode as we speak.

If you remember Pokemon Go!, this'll most likely remind you of those good old days. You'll be competing against your friends — as well as everyone in your neighborhood — to find as many cyber eggs on the Snap Map as possible. The eggs don't disappear when other people find them, so it's not a race in any way at all, but your goal is to get the highest score possible. Each egg is valued at one point, with the exception of the super rare golden egg, which amounts to five points. Guys, I'm counting on you to excel in this hunt — but if you're not sure how to play, I've listed the steps below.

Open Snap Map

OK, if you don't already know how to open Snap Map, you should — because it's a useful skill to have (regardless if you're going to do the egg hunt). Navigate to your Snapchat camera, and place two fingers on each side of the screen. Then drag them closer to each other, as if you're pinching something on the screen. You'll then be brought to the Map, which shows where all of your non-Ghost Mode friends are. This is your Snap Map. On the Snap Map, from Friday March 30 to April 1 at 9 p.m. PT, you'll see a bunch of colorful eggs. Now, it's time to actually find them.

Walk To The Locations Of The Eggs

You'll have to physically go to where each egg is located in person. Eggs can be found in public areas only. This will include anything from restaurants, to stores, and even airports. This'll give you the opportunity to explore your neighborhood while hunting for each of the colorful eggs. Have fun, be safe, and most importantly — win, please!

Add The Egg To Your Score

When you're at the site of the egg you're looking for, point your rear-facing camera to where it appears to be. You'll then see the egg pop up on your screen, and you'll have to tap it. Now, you've officially obtained said egg, and it's officially added to your score. Keep doing this until you've found all the eggs in your neighborhood, aiming to ultimately get the highest score possible.

For All Of You Ghost Moders Out There...

You can still play if you're in Ghost Mode. As usual, your location will be hidden from your friends, as will your score. Everything will be visible on your own Snap Map, though, so definitely make sure to get out there, play and also win!

How great is this, though? Props to Snapchat for getting into the holiday spirit. If you couldn't already tell, I am beyond excited to embark on this magical, egg-filled journey with all of you. Whether you decide to play mid-Passover seder to get in on the fun, or if you choose to sneak off while you're participating in that family egg hunt, make sure to beat all your friends and family in every egg hunt possible. This one doesn't end in loads of candy, but it ends in the highest points possible, and that's all that really matters in life, right? Hoppy hunting!