Woman decorating Easter table with a sweet Easter bunny and spring flower bouquet.
Get Inspired By Easter Decor On TikTok That Every Bunny Will Love

These DIY Easter tablescapes really are blooming.

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Easter is right around the corner. The chocolate-filled aisles of your local grocery store may have already given it away, but if you’re late to the game and just now getting into the Easter spirit, you may looking for some cute Easter decor to dress up your space. While vibrant eggs and pastel colors are a given, TikTok has some unique and truly Insta-worthy Easter decor ideas to take your home to the next level.

You may be hosting an Easter dinner with your family or backyard brunch with your besties this year. For a breathtaking presentation, try out some Easter tablescape ideas that include floral centerpieces and garden-inspired place mats. Of course, you may be someone who just likes to makeover your home for every holiday. If that’s the case, you’ll want to start with the front door and check out some Easter wreath ideas on TikTok. After all, the front door is the first thing your guests (and the Easter Bunny) will see when they come over to celebrate the day.

TikTok has become such a great resource for finding home decor ideas, but scrolling through the FYP can be distracting. Since you’re on a mission to get your home ready for Easter Sunday, here are some of the best Easter decor ideas for your home that already curated for you.


Use Garden Table Runners To Decorate Easter Tablescapes


If Easter dinner is your fave tradition, you may be looking for some cute Easter tablescape ideas. This garden table runner idea from TikToker macy.blackwell will have your table blooming in no time. Just place a faux grass table runner ($10, Michaels) in the center and add some eggs and a floral vase on top to bring in the spring vibes.


DIY An Easter Bunny Wreath

Since the Easter Bunny is the mascot of the holiday, you need to some some adorable bunny decor in your home. One fun project you can do is to DIY an Easter Bunny wreath with a bunny-shaped wire wreath ($14, Amazon) and white rope. All you need to do is wrap the rope around the wreath form, according to TikToker @whiskeyandwhit. It’s so cute that it’ll make your guests super hoppy to see it.


Elevate Easter Tablescapes With Garden Place Mats


Another spring-inspired Easter tablescape idea comes from TikToker @tashdesignsca. Instead of a faux grass table runner, use a faux grass place mat ($5, Michaels) under each place setting. Top off your plates with an adorable bunny napkin, which @tashdesignsca also shows you how to do in this TikTok.


Use Easter Treats In Your Spring Tablescape

Looking for a cute way to incorporate your favorite candy into your Easter tablescape? If you said yes, try making side dishes with candy inside like TikToker @fivefootfeminine with each of your place settings. Use some iridescent Easter grass ($2, JOANN) in the bowl to add some glow to your presentation as well.


Put An Easter Wreath On Your Front Door


For an Easter welcome, add a colorful wreath to your front door. This budget-friendly Easter wreath from TikToker @kraftinkell is super easy to make with colorful mesh ($10, Michaels) wrapped around a wire wreath ($5, Michaels). You can even hot glue some plastic Easter eggs on the wreath for even more DIY fun.


Fold Bunny Napkins For Your Easter Tablescapes

One fun way to add an Easter touch to your table is by folding bunny napkins. This Easter decor idea from TikToker @the_house_acc will make your table look so professional.


Have An Easter Centerpiece For Your Table


One easy way to upgrade your tablescape is to have a picture-perfect Easter centerpiece. TikToker @selfhomedecor shows you how to DIY a spring centerpiece that has just the right amount of Easter vibes. Start by getting yourself a long wooden box ($9, Amazon) to fit on your table and fill it with some green garland ($8, JOANN), bunny statues ($11, HomeGoods), and decorative eggs ($11, HomeGoods).


Use Plastic Eggs To Make A Colorful Easter Bunny Wreath

Another bunny-inspired wreath you can DIY at home is this one from TikToker @louflores_. While the white rope Easter wreath is more subtle, this Easter wreath using plastic eggs and Easter grass will really add a pop of color to your home decor.


Use A Reusable Easter Wreath To Give Cottagecore Vibes


For more cottagecore vibes, you may want to go with this DIY Easter wreath. This idea from TikToker @gleespen_designs uses a farm house window frame to display the wreath. The best part of all is that you can easily swap out the wreath for each holiday while keeping the cottagecore window frame each time.


Decorate Your Front Door With Easter Garland

To go along with your Easter wreath, you can also decorate your front door with some Easter garland. This idea comes from TikToker @kristyncole and can be used throughout your house, wherever there are door frames.


DIY A Spring Floral Centerpiece


Your home should bloom in the springtime, so add some floral home decor to your space with an Easter centerpiece. This DIY floral arrangement from TikToker @aureehomedecor uses a tube to hold the flowers to make it look like they are sitting in some Easter egg candy.


Create An Easter Candle Centerpiece For Your Table

Candles are some of the best home decor because they look great while making your home smell amazing as well. If you’re a candle lover, try making this DIY Easter centerpiece from TikToker @homesweetpink that features a candle, some green garland, and bunny decor. Bath & Body Works actually has some of the cutest Easter candle holders, like this ceramic bunny ($19).

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