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10 Unique Easter Egg Coloring Ideas And Designs Inspired By TikTok To Try

These creative methods are truly *eggs-quisite.*

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Dyeing Easter eggs is one holiday tradition you’ll never grow out of. It’s so fun letting your creative side take over as you create colorful Easter eggs at home. However, using dye kits from the store isn’t the only way you can color Easter eggs. In fact, there are tons of unique Easter egg coloring and designs inspired by TikTok videos that you can follow.

From whipped cream to tissue paper, there are so many different egg dyeing methods out there. You can also step up your Easter egg coloring skills by following different Easter egg designs you see on the FYP. While dyed Easter eggs with food coloring may be your usual go-to, you may want to try decorating Easter eggs with some rice or colored markers with plastic bags this year. You could even scroll through these Easter egg ideas for inspiration on new patterns and stencils.

Whatever the method you choose, plan an Easter egg dyeing afternoon with your besties or roommates where you design some Insta-worthy Easter eggs. While snacking on your candy, you’ll have fun coloring your eggs and experimenting with these 10 Easter egg ideas. It’ll be a truly egg-cellent time.


Tissue Paper Easter Egg Coloring Idea


Instead of using dye, take some colorful tissue paper and cover your egg with it. Water will make the tissue paper color bleed onto your egg. You can even create cool Easter egg patterns like TikToker @motherhoodonpurpose by cutting strips of the tissue paper and using those.


Use An Egg Decorator With Markers

One of the easiest ways to decorate your Easter egg is with a machine like the Mini EggMazing ($20, Party City). This device spins your egg, so you can create clean lines with a marker. TikToker @bellabooslunchesofficial uses their EggMazing device to create a rainbow-colored Easter egg.


Whipped Cream Easter Egg Coloring Idea


Have you heard of the whipped cream Easter egg dyeing method? This way of coloring your Easter egg has become super popular and all you need is some whipped cream.

Just add a few drops of food coloring to the cream and swirl it around to create a cool tie-dye look. Roll your eggs in the cream to transfer the dye onto the eggs as TikToker @chasing40toes does and voila, you’ve got some new Easter egg designs.


The Paper Towel Easter Egg Design Idea

If you’d like a textured look to your Easter egg, try this paper towel method. Just wrap your egg in a paper towel like TikToker @likesunnylife does and paint on your egg dye. As it bleeds through the towel, you’ll get a cool design on your egg.


Coffee Filter Easter Egg Color Idea

Another easy way to dye your eggs is with coffee filters. That’s right, if you’re a coffee lover, you can use your coffee filters to create gorgeous Easter egg designs. Just color your filter with markers and wrap your egg in the filter. Spray some water on so that the color will bleed and transfer onto your egg, as demonstrated by TikToker @niktok1995.


The Rice Easter Egg Coloring Idea


Rice is another popular Easter egg dyeing method. If you want to know how to dye Easter eggs with rice, you first want to get some bags to fill with rice and food coloring. Once your food coloring has covered the rice, drop your egg in the bag and dye it like TikToker @cookingwithliana. It’s super simple, won’t cause a big mess, and creates a cool Easter egg design on your egg.


Easter Egg Design Idea With Tape

If you’re looking to get creative with your Easter egg designs, use tape. As demonstrated by TikToker @cookwithranda, using some tape before you dip your eggs in the dye will create line designs. You can also use a whisk to hold your egg as you dip it in the dye to avoid getting dye on your hands.


The Melted Crayon Coloring Idea


You may already know that white crayons can be great for drawing designs on your eggs before dipping them in the dye as well, but have you ever tried the melted crayon method for coloring your Easter eggs? All you need to do is color your Easter eggs with crayons when they’re warm to melt the colors onto the eggs.

This TikTok from @craftypandadiy actually has many more Easter egg coloring ideas that include feathers and glitter.


The Marker And Plastic Bag Easter Egg Coloring Idea

For a mess-free way to color your Easter eggs, try this marker and plastic bag method. Color on a plastic bag with some markers and wrap your egg in it. The colors will transfer over to your egg in a cool design, like TikToker @kidsfunlearning’s eggs.


Use A Net For An Easter Egg Design Idea

Use items like nets and even old tights to create cool Easter egg designs. TikToker @jasonthegreat777 uses a net to create a unique Easter egg using spray paint, which is also an option.

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