Clown Masks Removed From Target Ahead Of Halloween

It's no secret that the clown sighting epidemic has taken a toll on all of our lives to some degree.

Whether you came across a creepy clown video on the Internet that instilled enough fear in you to not leave your house, or you actually came across one of these clowns in person, we've all had our fair share of clown-related incidents this year.

The clown frenzy gained some steam on the web when reports of creepy clowns attempting to lure children into the woods began circulating.

At that point, most of us either vowed to wait until after Halloween to go outside or decided that if we ever saw one, we'd step on the gas and get the hell out of sight.

These days, it doesn't seem like the "clownpocalypse" is dying down anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, more and more clown-related incidents keep happening ALL over the country -- and now your favorite department store, Target, is looking to put an end to the madness.


That's right, Target is saying NO to clown costumes this Halloween.

In other words, if you're looking to feed into the creepy trend that involves chasing strangers around in a clown costume at 2 am, you can't go to Target to gear up (unless you're a toddler).


Joshua Thomas, a spokesperson for Target, spoke to Mashable about the decision to cease sales of clown costumes, saying,

Given the current environment, we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online.

Hey, you can't blame Target for taking action against the batshit crazy clowns that have been terrorizing not only the United States, but even other countries like England and Australia.

I mean, these creepy clown incidents are happening so often, there's an entire map dedicated to clown sightings that have been reported in towns and cities around the world.

Hopefully, we'll see fewer of them as major stores begin taking them off of shelves... Let's just hope there aren't any clowns out there smart enough to sew their own costumes together this Halloween!

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