How to get Chlöe Bailey’s hot sauce DoorDash collab.

Chlöe Bailey’s New Hot Sauce Is Fire, And You Can Get It For Free

“A little sweet, a lot of heat.”

Courtesy of DoorDash

Is it hot in here or is it just Chlöe Bailey’s new hot sauce? The singer and actor is about to bring the heat to your condiment shelf, thanks to a DoorDash collab that’ll give you a chance to score Bailey’s limited-edition hot sauce bottle. The “Make ‘Em Sweat” hot sauce is a DashPass member exclusive dropping on June 9, and you can score it for free. Make sure you know how to get Chlöe Bailey’s hot sauce collab with DoorDash when it drops, so you can say “Treat Me” and spice up all your meals.

In addition to working on her highly anticipated solo album drop, Bailey’s been busy collaborating with DoorDash on the delivery app’s first-ever custom hot sauce. Of course, the singer is known for practically setting fire to every stage and red carpet she touches, so when you think about it, a hot sauce is the next natural move. The DashPass exclusive bottle is branded with a trendy limited edition design that makes it worthy of collecting on its own. On the sauce front, it’s “a blend of Ghost, Peri Peri, and Cayenne peppers with a tomato base and chili sauce,” according to a June 8 press release. So you know it’ll deliver in looks and flavor.

Bailey wrote in a June 8 IG announcement that the sauce is just like her: “a little sweet, a lot of heat.” The exclusive drop promises “deep and smoky” flavors with a “smooth consistency” like any good hot sauce should. Keep the spice going by adding a few drops to your favorite tacos, breakfast sandwiches, and nachos, or DoorDash suggests everything from “ice cream to plant-based chicken nuggets” to change it up. If hot sauce on ice cream is good enough for Bailey, it’s good enough for me.

The “Make ‘Em Sweat” hot sauce is free, but you’ll have to be a DashPass member to lock in a bottle. To get the sauce, sign up for DashPass before the drop since the hot sauce supplies are limited and once it’s sold out, it’s out. On June 9 at 3 p.m. ET, head to Chlöe Bailey’s Instagram and watch her IG Story for the link to get the hot sauce. You’ll be redirected to the DoorDash app where you can add the hot sauce bottle to your cart and check out — all for free. You can also head to the DashPass Exclusive Drops page to access it directly.

If you’re signing up for DashPass just to heat up your kitchen with Bailey’s custom hot sauce, the membership is free for the first 30 days, and it’s $9.99 per month after that. Students can get it for half the price at $4.99 per month. It comes at a cost, but the perks include free delivery, lower service fees, 5% credit back on pickup orders, and member exclusives like free hot sauce from music superstars.

What will you be putting your hot sauce on?