Another Chipotle Was Shut Down Because An Employee Got Norovirus

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Chipotle may face yet another outbreak after a worker was found to have norovirus.

Hundreds of Chipotle customers became sick with E. coli and norovirus, which can spread from contaminated food, as well as person to person, last year.

The chain issued a public apology, incorporated various new cooking tactics to ensure safety and even closed all of its US stores for one day last month to inform employees as to what happened in the affected locations.

But just before Chipotle could leave its problems behind, a location in Billerica, Massachusetts shut down due to one worker testing positive for norovirus and at least three others reporting not feeling well.

Two primary symptoms for norovirus are diarrhea and vomiting.

There were no reports, however, of customers becoming sick at the Billerica restaurant, which is currently undergoing a full sanitization, according to Mashable.

A different Chipotle in the Boston area was one of several branches to suffer a norovirus outbreak in 2015.

That restaurant, located in Cleveland Circle, sickened dozens of Boston College students before shutting down last fall.

Boston chief health inspector William "Buddy" Christopher Jr reportedly ate at the Cleveland Circle restaurant in December to show the health risks appeared to have vanished.

The Billerica shutdown stunts the chain's desperate efforts to regain its image as a safe and healthy place to eat, especially as Chipotle vowed to recover from the financial damage of the outbreak that caused sales and stock prices to plummet in the last quarter of 2015.

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