Chipotle To Close Its Doors Nationwide Next Month For Your Own Safety

by Kate Ryan

Mark February 8 on your calendars because you'll have to find somewhere else to get your burrito that day.

Chipotle announced Thursday they'll be closing all of their stores next month in an effort to get a handle on the chain's recent streak of norovirus and E. coli outbreaks.

Eater reports the shutdown should only last for a day at most. According to The Wall Street Journal, they're taking the day off in an attempt to prevent another outbreak from happening again.

As Chipotle Spokesperson Chris Arnold tells Eater,

We are hosting a national employee meeting on the 8th to talk to all of our employees around the country about what happened and the many steps we are taking to enhance our food safety programs going forward.

Last year, hundreds of customers reported becoming sick after dining at Chipotle. As a result, the company is facing several lawsuits -- over 100 stemming from one Boston location alone.

Although CEO Steve Ells has made efforts to regain the public's trust, sales are down by almost 40 percent.

They're also under a federal investigation.  I guess free burrito bowls don't work for everyone.

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