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I Tried Chamberlain Coffee Cereal, And It Tastes Like A Bowl Of Mocha

Coffee meets cereal. 🤝

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In Elite Daily's series Chef's Kiss, we taste the latest food and drink trends to help you figure out which ones you definitely don’t want to sleep on. In this piece, we taste OffLimits’ DASH Chamberlain Coffee Cereal.

Drink your coffee, then eat it in Chamberlain Coffee and OffLimits’ latest collab: YouTube queen Emma Chamberlain’s coffee brand and vegan cereal OffLimits are testing the boundaries of breakfast with a cereal that will turn your milk into cold brew. Just for you, I put the coffee-cereal to the test in this issue of Chef’s Kiss.

The DASH Chamberlain Coffee Cereal dropped on July 7 with “dark chocolaty cereal bits” made with “cocoa and micro-roasted coffee” using Chamberlain Coffee’s Social Dog Blend, according to OffLimits. The exclusive cereal launched on Chamberlain Coffee and OffLimits for $8.50 for a large box and $3.50 for a mini box. Plus, each bowl (about ¾ cups) contains 15 milligrams of caffeine for a mini dose of coffee.

The packaging features OffLimits’ “over-achieving bunny” mascot DASH in an eye-catching design that looks like it belongs on the shelves of a lifestyle store more than a supermarket aisle. An interactive QR code can be scanned to text DASH and have the option to listen to a Spotify playlist of coffee-inspired songs, watch OffLimits’ Youtube channel, or shop for other cereal flavors while you enjoy a bowl. I opted for the Spotify playlist, which I will say did make the cereal tasting experience better when “coffee” by Miguel is playing in the background.

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As I opened the box, I caught a whiff of the cocoa powder that smelled like opening a fresh packet of hot chocolate. I popped a couple of the round cereal puffs to try it as it is, and I was slightly taken aback by the bitterness from the coffee. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be sweet and sugar-coated like Cocoa Pebbles or Froot Loops, but this isn’t your average cereal.

I’m not about to settle the age old debate of milk first or cereal first, but I went cereal first when I poured it, and then added some almond milk. FWIW, the almond milk paired well with the coffee-cereal for a subtle nuttiness. I liked how crunchy the cereal stayed in the milk, which meant I could enjoy it for longer without it becoming soggy, and no one (that I know of) likes soggy cereal.

The almond milk balanced out the bitterness of the coffee and made it more palatable. I could instantly see the milk changing color and bits of ground coffee floating around. However, I hate to break it to you, but the milk did not taste like cold brew. As excited as I was for this revolutionary cereal to be the new coffee substitute, it tasted more like a less-strong mocha. Which makes total sense, considering the “dark chocolaty” flavor it promised.

If you’re looking to swap out your morning coffee, this might not be the caffeine fix you need, but it does give you that extra flavor kick to start off your day.

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