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Spirit Airlines Cancellations Results In Brawl At Airport


Yet another airline is at the center of a wild scene at an airport.

This time, the company in the spotlight is Spirit Airlines, whose decision to cancel nine flights on Monday night led to a brawl between customers and police at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Here's the cell phone video that captured the chaos:

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The melee was a result of angry passengers overwhelming Spirit Airline employees, passengers told WSNV-TV, a Fox affiliate station located in Miami.

One of those passengers, Paul Smith, said,

Another passenger told WSNV-TV,

The cancellations in Fort Lauderdale were just a part of an overall trend that has plagued Spirt Airlines over the last few days, according to CNN. In the past week alone, there have been 300 cancellations of Spirit Airline flights.

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But the cancellations aren't the fault of the company, according to, well, the company.

There appears to be a (non-physical) fight going on between the company and the pilots' union, the Airline Pilots Association, International. They've been battling over contracts since 2015, according to CNN.

Spirit is claiming that the cancellations are happening because pilots are intentionally slowing down operations. The pilots have denied they're doing that.

Spirit spokesman Paul Berry referred to the airport fight as a result of the dispute between the airline and its pilots. He said in a statement,

Spirit, in essence, has accused the pilots of purposely causing chaos by refusing to fly. The company filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against the pilots' union in order to "protect" customers, Berry said.

The pilots' union shot back in a statement to CNN,

Spirit is, of course, just the latest airline to have controversy on its hands.

United Airlines infamously found itself in hot water twice, first by refusing to allow two teens with leggings onboard a flight and most recently by having police drag a man out of his seat.

Ultimately, United paid an unknown settlement to Dr. David Dao and changed some of their policies to avoid future problems.

Not to mention there was that giant rabbit mysteriously dying on a United flight.

In other words, 2017 is the year in which we acknowledge the worst-kept secret: Air travel sucks.

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