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Here’s Where To Find The Cutest Valentine’s Day Squishmallows

Give your loved ones something huggable this V-Day.

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While a box of chocolates and a heartfelt note to your partner are great Valentine’s Day gift ideas, nothing tops an adorable plushie present. Nowadays, Squishmallows reign supreme as the top plushie not only due to their cuteness factor, but also because of all the unique varieties that are available. It seems there are always new Squishmallows that you need to add to your collection, so here’s where to buy Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows.

Just like during Halloween and Christmas, these popular plushies are getting festive for February with a bunch of new and must-have Valentine’s Day Squishmallows. These TikTok-approved stuffed animals make the perfect gifts to get your partner for V-Day on Feb. 14 or even your bestie for Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13. You just need to know where to look. Luckily, Valentine’s Day Squishmallows are already available online and in stores at places like Walmart, Walgreens, and Target. You can even ship a Squishmallow surprise to your long-distance bae or BFF.

Whether you’re looking for cute animals to complete your collection or a Squishmallow that says just how you’re feeling, you’re sure to find the right gift by shopping Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows that are available right now.

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Walmart Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows

Walmart has a huge assortment of Valentine’s Day Squishmallows for you to choose from. Whether you’re just looking for a cute animal with hearts on its belly or a Squishmallow with a punny message that’s like a huggable V-Day card, Walmart has it.

There are even some Squishmallows that come with a box of chocolate for a V-Day gift set. If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day Squishmallow, this should be your first stop.

Walgreens Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows

While Walgreens may not have as many Valentine’s Day Squishmallows to choose from as Walmart does, they do have a fun variety. For instance, they have these cute clip-on Squishmallows available in stores that will make a pocket-sized gift for each one of your sorority sisters or besties in the friend crew. You can also pair one of the bigger 16-inch Squishmallows with your partner’s favorite candy, which you can also conveniently find at Walgreens.

Amazon Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows

Amazon is also a great source to look for Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows. Of course, many of the Squishmallows they have can also be found at Walmart, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for the best prices.

Amazon also offers Prime shipping on some of their Squishmallows, which definitely comes in handy if you’re a member. For a long-distance bestie or partner, you may even want to get one of the Hugmallows to send a super cozy V-Day hug their way.

Target Valentine’s Day 2022 Squishmallows

Target has some more subtle Valentine’s Day Squishmallows if that’s more your vibe. They may not have hearts on their bellies or say punny sayings, but they are pink and red to match the V-Day vibes. They even have a super trendy tie-dye fox and pink planet for your partner who is foxy and out of this world.

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