Where is 'The Circle' Season 4 filmed? The filming locations might surprise you.

Where Is The Circle Season 4 Filmed? It’s Not What It Seems

The show has spiced things up this season.

Courtesy of Netflix

Season 4 of The Circle is here, and things are getting spicy. Fans of the show were surprised to see Mel B and Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls join the cast this time around. However, in a fun plot twist, the “Wannabe” singers aren’t playing themselves, instead catfishing the contestants as Jared, a children’s author. Baby Spice and Scary Spice are the first celebrity contestants, but is that the only thing that’s new this season? While you’re watching the series, you might be wondering, where is The Circle Season 4 filmed?

For anyone who has been watching The Circle on Netflix since Season 1, you know that the apartments that the contestants live in during their time on the show have always been located in Salford, England near Manchester. The show has kept the same location, but judging from some aerial shots of U.S. cities in Season 4, fans are wondering if they’ve moved production stateside. With travel restrictions varying across the globe, it would seem easier to keep things close to home and not have to fly contestants to the UK for filming. While that would seem plausible, it seems The Circle Season 4 is keeping consistent with the previous three seasons by staying in the same apartment building.

Where Is The Circle Season 4 Filmed?

Courtesy of Netflix

The Circle apartments — or flats — are located in the Adelphi Wharf neighborhood of Salford. Most specifically, the apartment complex used in the show is the Adelphi Wharf Phase One building, which has 206 units inside. It’s located right on the River Irwell, which provides some stunning waterfront views. However, if you were thinking of staying in one of The Circle apartments, don’t expect them to be as beautifully decorated as they are in the series. The production designer for The Circle, Catherine Land, previously spoke to Elite Daily and admitted that she comes in to design the apartments before the show even casts the contestants.

So, you’ll need to bring your own home decor and creativity if you’d like to live in an apartment similar to the ones you’d see on The Circle. You’d also have to make the trip over to the UK to stay there as well, which brings us back to why are there aerial shots of U.S. cities used in The Circle if the show is still filmed in the UK? According to the show’s creator, Tim Harcourt, production chose the Adelphi Wharf apartment building because they wanted the apartments “to be in a nonspecific location for the U.S. version — the feeling that it could be anywhere.” They later added in the shots of the U.S. “to give it an American feel for the majority of the audience.” It’s an easy way for them to keep filming in the same place for each iteration of the show, and just make it specific to the country with the B-roll.

When Was The Circle Season 4 Filmed?

Courtesy of Netflix

Along with where The Circle is filmed, you might be wondering, when was Season 4 was filmed? Netflix announced that they renewed the series for Season 4 back in August 2021. While there is no official word on when they began filming for the next season, it’s likely that it happened in the fall after its renewal. In fact, one of the contestants on Season 4 is TikToker Josh "Bru" Brubaker (@bruontheradio), who disappeared from his TikTok account for about a month from September 2021 to October 2021, so it’s possible that filming took place during that time.

Netflix also announced that Season 5 of The Circle is expected to release in 2022 as well, so it’s also possible that they’ve also already started filming for that season. However, if you think you have what it takes to win The Circle, casting for the reality competition show is listed as ongoing right now.