The island of Saseungbong-do is where 'Single's Inferno' was filmed and the 'Singles Inferno' island...

Where Was Single's Inferno Season 2 Filmed? Stay On The Island & At The Hotel

Even Jungkook and V from BTS have stayed here!

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Looking for love in paradise sounds ideal, but with Netflix’s reality dating show, Single’s Inferno, 12 singles are tasked with finding romantic partners in an inferno — well, on a deserted island. Single’s Inferno became the first South Korean reality show to make its way onto Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows chart in early January, and it’s back for Season 2. If you’ve been watching the Korean show on the streaming platform, you might be wondering, where is Single’s Inferno filmed?

Single’s Inferno Has Two Main Filming Locations, And You Can Visit Both

In the show, the contestants must find a match in order to leave the “Hell Island” for the luxurious “Heaven Island” (aka Paradise City hotel), where they’ll be treated to a romantic date similar to something you’d see on a Bachelor or Love Island one-on-one date. Both the deserted island and lavish hotel are places where fans of the show can visit IRL. While Season 2 has just begun, fans have already noticed that the Single’s Inferno island and hotel are the same as Season 1.

Where Is Single’s Inferno Island Location?

The series, which is a joint production between Netflix and Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company, was shot in South Korea, and Netflix confirmed that the island is Saseungbong-do off the coast of Incheon. This gorgeous uninhabited island has actually been the backdrop for a few other Korean shows like Muhan Dojeon, Two Days and One Night, and Running Man. The island, which has a seemingly endless sandy beach, is perfect for a day trip or overnighting camping if you happen to be visiting South Korea and following the 2023 travel trends.


It’s also pretty easy to get to Saseungbong-do. All you need to do is take a ferry from the Incheon Port Authority to Saseungbong-do Island for about 41,700 won for round-trip fare on weekdays, which is about $32 per person. There is also an admission fee to the island, which is used for water-supply, toilets, and maintenance, for about 10,000 won ($8). So, all together you’re looking at roughly $40 for an island getaway where you can go swimming, fishing, and clam-digging. The island also boasts a gorgeous sunset view, so you’ll want to bring along your camera for all the Insta-worthy moments.

Where Is The Single’s Inferno Hotel Location?

Of course, if you’d rather have a more heavenly visit to South Korea, you’ll want to stay at the Paradise City hotel, which is also in the Incheon area. This is the Single’s Inferno filming location for “Heaven Island” where coupled contestants go to get to know each other more and finally share their age and profession with each other.


Since you’re interested in where Single’s Inferno was filmed, you may want to plan a trip in 2023. Of course, you should start saving up now to stay in the Deluxe Pool Villa like they do in the series. ARMY will definitely want to visit this Single’s Inferno hotel, because Jungkook and V from BTS recently posted a TikTok together from the hotel. According to TikToker @annainseoul, the same suite that was used for Single’s Inferno is the one that both members of BTS were staying in when they filmed their TikTok dancing to “Run BTS.”

In her video, Anna points out the pool in the villa that can be seen in the background of the BTS video and the Netflix reality series, while also giving a full tour of the suite. She even mentions that one of the members of Blackpink also stayed in the same Deluxe Pool Villa that has a massive dining room, living room, and marble bathtub. How bougie!


If you’re traveling with your partner to the Single’s Inferno hotel, enjoy a romantic night in where you order room service and lounge by the private pool. The Paradise City hotel and resort is also located about an hour from Seoul, which you may want to visit as well. While you’re in the city, you can also check out some of the To All The Boys 3 filming locations.

Of course, you’ll have plenty to enjoy at the Paradise City hotel and resort, which offers an outdoor and indoor pool as well as a spa, sauna, fitness area, flower shop, and Safari Park. The Safari Park has a bowling zone, where So Yeon and Jin-Taek from Season 1 of Single’s Inferno had one of their dates. Whether you’re looking for an inferno or paradise-inspired vacay, these Single’s Inferno filming locations are a match made in heaven.

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