What Your Away Message Was In Middle School, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Who else totally misses instant messaging? If you grew up during the 2000s, you know all about how great the good old days were. Even though AIM isn't really needed anymore because of how easy texting has become, I'm sure you still get nostalgic when you remember how thrilling it felt to sit on your computer all night and message your friends. Do you feel like dredging up some real memories right now? Then let's talk about what your away message was in middle school, based on your zodiac sign.

I can think of so many reasons to miss instant messaging. You got to customize the color and font of your text, create a totally unique screen name, and wasn't it all so thrilling? What about that feeling you got when your crush signed on? I bet you were hoping they'd make the first move and message you so that you guys could flirt until way past your bedtime. What about pretending to sign on and off over and over again so that the sound of the door opening and shutting could get their attention? Don't lie, you know you played that game. But, of course, what can top the away message that you got to construct? You could make it totally creative, thought-provoking, or even passive aggressive. Hey this was middle school, remember? I bet you were just much of an angsty teen as I was.

Aries: I!!! AM!!! GOING!!! OUT!!!

I bet your away message was full of exclamation points. You probably didn't think too much about what you were typing and it betrayed exactly how excited or angsty you were feeling.

Taurus: off to get my frap at starbucks ♡

Your away message was probably discussing exactly what you were doing, but with a whimsical and creative flair. You found a million different ways to say you were at the mall.

Gemini: going to dinsyeland and having an amazng tme bai!

I bet your away message was totally long and rambling. You were thinking about so many things at once and I don't doubt that it was full of typos, yet it told the world exactly how busy you were.

Cancer: ❤ with my bb's kayla, destiny, and lauren! ❤

You were definitely mentioning every single one of your friends in your away messages and not leaving anyone out. It was basically a shout out to all your closest loved ones.

Leo: *dying my hair purple and listening to usher!!!*

You were definitely showing the internet just how cute and adorable you are with your away message. You were probably constantly updating it with new facts about yourself.

Virgo: BRB, mom needs the comp.

You were probably telling everyone exactly what you were up to in your away message. You weren't trying to be cryptic or anything because you were cutting straight to the chase.

Libra: ♡ leave a message at the beep ;) ♡

Your away message was probably totally flirty and full of clues for your latest crush to notice. If there weren't a bunch of hearts in your away message, are you even a Libra?

Scorpio: dreaming of a place far away from here™

You probably wrote something super emo and mysterious in your away message. You were feeling that teenage darkness and I bet your AIM presence definitely reflected that.

Sagittarius: getting into trouble, hbu?

You were probably talking about your latest escapades in your away message, or even your dreams for the future. You were thinking way beyond middle school, you know what I mean?

Capricorn: ~at band practice making music~

You were talking about your latest accomplishment in your away message, just so everyone knew that you had bigger and better things to be up to when you're not online.

Aquarius: *traveling thru outer space*

You had something super mind-blowing and interesting to say in your away message. You wanted anyone who received it to have something fascinating and weird to think about.

Pisces: ☽ I just wanna break you down so badly ☾

You had something dreamy and artistic in your way message. It might have been lyrics from your favorite song or even a picture you created with symbols on your keyboard.