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12 Virtual Women's History Month Events That'll Inspire You To Make Your Own Rules

Experience herstory in the making.

by Kelly Pau, Alexa Mellardo and Andrea Hannah
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Throughout March, there are a number of empowering female-centric virtual experiences you can immerse yourself in from the comfort of your own home to capture and celebrate the spirit of Women's History Month. Whether that means participating in a virtual poetry night from your living room, beating your bestie at trivia about some of the world’s most influential female icons, or watching an eye-opening broadcast (from the couch) on forgotten women in history, there are so many ways to celebrate. These 12 virtual Women's History Month events honor past and present female activists and will inspire you to make your own rules when it comes to how you want to live your life.

According to the official National Women's History Alliance (NWHA), the theme of Women's History Month this year is “providing healing, promoting hope.” It’s an effort to honor the relentless sacrifices of caregivers and frontline workers during the pandemic, as well as all the ways women have provided hope and healing throughout history. Hopefully, hearing the groundbreaking stories in these virtual Women’s History month events will inspire you to hold onto hope, just as strong women always have.

Taking part in Women's History Month may look different this year with many usual in-person festivities like art exhibitions and film festivals either put on hold or downsized considerably. But these virtual events provide an opportunity to learn and be inspired from the solace and safety of your own couch or kitchen. And just because you’re hanging out at home, that doesn’t mean you still can’t invite a few friends to hop on Zoom and join you. Whatever activities you choose to sign up for, you'll leave feeling eager to amplify your voice and embrace your own journey.


This MasterClass On Feminism From Modern Women’s Rights Activists

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For decades, activist Gloria Steinem has led second wave feminism into the mainstream culture. Now, Steinem is joining fellow women’s right activists adrienne maree brown, Amanda Nguyen, and Tina Tchen to discuss where feminism should go from here in this special MasterClass series. You’ll join your instructors for 14 mini-lessons discussing everything from the role of pleasure in activism, addressing the wage gap, and breaking down structures of power. This class costs $15 per month, and you get access to all MasterClasses once you sign up.


These Online Exhibitions At The National Women’s History Museum

This “museum without walls” is completely virtual 365 days per year, but during the month of March, the National Women’s History museum spotlights several online exhibitions. You can learn about women in the Civil Rights Movement, making strides in STEM, and competing in the Olympics. To go with the theme of “providing healing, promoting hope,” be sure to check out the History of Nursing virtual exhibit.


This Author Event Honoring Forgotten Women In History

On Mar. 15, four authors will gather online for this virtual talk exploring forgotten women throughout history. Together, they’ll explore the importance of these women’s lives and what inspired them to finally tell their stories in their own books. Participants can register for free at Eventbrite to join the virtual chat on Mar. 15 at 7 p.m. ET, and purchase the authors’ books through their partner bookstores.


This International Women’s Day Celebration That’s Also A Dance Party

Tune into this annual International Women’s Day celebration online to listen to educator and activist Colleen James deliver an inspirational keynote address. Then, be sure to stick around for the party celebrating the diverse community through song and dance. This event is totally free to attend with online registration.


This Virtual Tasting With Female Winemakers

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You can experience delicious wine while mingling with four prominent female winemakers during this virtual tasting event. Once you sign up, you can pick up your wines if you’re local to the vineyard in New York state. Otherwise, keep a lookout for the mail, as your wines will be shipped to your home. You’ll receive four bottles of wine, cheese, as well as recipes that would pair well with both in your package.

Then, tune in to the hour-long wine tasting even on International Women’s Day, March 8, to learn all about your new favorite sips. This event is meant to be enjoyed with a small group, so be sure to invite your best friends to hang out, too.


This Virtual Poetry Night Of Women Sharing Their Voices

On March 8, women will gather from all over the world to celebrate the strength of their collective voice in this online celebration of women in the arts. Women will hop onto the “mic” to share their art, poetry, music, and stories. You can sit back and soak in all the empowering vibes, or share your own art with the group. This event is free to join.


This Leadership Summit That Teaches How To Be A Successful Woman, Both Personally And Professionally

Play Like a Girl, a nonprofit organization dedicated to shaping women into future leaders, is hosting a day-long summit jam-packed with advice on being a personally and professionally successful woman. Tune in virtually and start this event with yoga and breathing exercises. Then, learn how female entrepreneurs have shattered the glass ceiling in their respective industries, how they built sustainable income, and their tips and tricks on saving and investing. You’ll learn directly from empowering women such as Shane Woods, director of the STEM Center of Excellence; Deana Hyde, private wealth advisor; and Kristina Shalhoup, meteorologist and news anchor for WKRN2 News. To end your day, stay online for the organization’s workshop on uplifting young girls to become future leaders.

This virtual experience will take place from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. CT on March 8. You can register by purchasing a virtual general admission ticket for $35.


This Five-Part Workshop Series On Radical Self-Love

If Women’s History Month has taught us anything, it’s that women throughout history have had to overcome numerous obstacles to achieve their dreams. Join mental health therapist Kyira Wackett in this five-part virtual workshop on radical self-love to honor all that you’ve done and all that you will do in the world. You’ll learn how to clarify your wants and needs, release shame, and forgive yourself for perceived mistakes so that you can go forth and make your own history. The first workshop is Thursday, March 10 at 1 p.m. ET, and it’s free to join.


This Trivia Night Honoring Female Icons And Activists

Book an online trivia night for Women’s History Month and pass out the Zoom link to your friends for a fun evening celebrating some of the world’s most iconic women. Your party will be broken into two teams and given a special Women’s History Month game board to choose categories and questions from. The experience even comes with a live host to amp up the fun.


This Online Scavenger Hunt Celebrating History’s “Wonder Women”

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Not only is the Wonder Women in History scavenger hunt the perfect team-building activity, but you’ll also learn a lot about powerful women who have shaped our collective history. Plus, it’s totally interactive. You’ll explore a series of websites that allow you to “sit on the bus” beside Rosa Parks, enter Frida Kahlo’s art studio, or watch in on Marie Curie as she toils away in her lab. At the end of the session, you and the other participants will have taken a journey through time and history to understand the contribution these women, and others, have played.

Be sure to grab your whole work crew for this one as you’ll need 25 participants to set up this event.


This Interactive Airbnb Virtual Experience That Highlights Trailblazing Women

Join your BFFs and a live host in this interactive Zoom event for Women’s History Month through Airbnb Virtual Experiences. You’ll hop onto an hour-long call and listen as your host tells the stories of some of the most daring women throughout history, including a pilot, a sculptor, and a labor union leader. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the presentation for fun mini games, too, like a haiku-writing contest and trivia.

To attend this event, you can sign up at Airbnb Experiences. Virtual tickets are $45 per person.


This Airbnb Experience Where You Analyze The Handwriting of Modern Heroines

In this unique Airbnb event, you’ll get to take a close look at the actual handwriting of contemporary heroines to get to the root of what drives their success. An expert handwriting analyst will lead you and a group through the course, first by defining the characteristics of a strong leader, and then explaining how they tend to show up in a person’s handwriting. Then, you and your group will analyze the handwriting of several women, including Billie Jean King, Michelle Obama, Marie Curie, Maya Angelou, and many more. You’ll even get the chance to take a peek at your own handwriting, too.

This Airbnb virtual experience is available throughout March, and costs $21 per person to join.

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