A Virgo and Sagittarius might have an uphill battle making their friendship work.

4 Reasons Why Virgo And Sagittarius Are A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell

Things can get complicated when you mix earth and fire.

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Earth and fire signs definitely have a few differences, but Virgo and Sagittarius have more things in common than you may realize at first. As mutable signs, they are both constantly adapting and changing, making it easy for both of them to adjust to life’s ups and downs. On one hand, this can make Virgo and Sagittarius’ friendship compatibility incredibly strong because they innately can understand each other. On the other hand, however, their elements couldn’t be more different, and it can often feel like they’re speaking in two completely different languages to one another. Whether or not Virgo and Sagittarius get along as friends is definitely a mixed bag — but they can both learn so much from each other (when they’re not driving the other one crazy).

One of the big things that these two signs do have in common is their desire to gather information and knowledge. Since Virgo is Mercury-ruled, they tend to ask a lot of questions in order to be of service to those around them when a dilemma arises. Sagittarius individuals are Jupiter-ruled, so they tend to prioritize sharing knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with their loved ones as a way to form connections. With this quality in common, they can learn a lot from each other. The only issue is that Virgo is detail-oriented while Sagittarius is more focused on the big picture, meaning that meeting in the middle is challenging, but not impossible. Here’s some reasons this friendship may (or may not) go up in flames:

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1. Virgo Is An Earth Sign While Sagittarius Is A Fire Sign

Virgos are as earth sign as it gets. They’re detail-oriented, logical, and grounded, and they don’t often like to be around people who are scattered or unorganized. Sagittarius individuals, on the other hand, are looking for excitement and adventure at every turn, and may easily get bored with Virgo’s desire to be productive all the time. Simply put, Sagittarius sees life as a journey, not a destination. Meanwhile, Virgo is stressing over the directions before even getting on the road. Let be honest — a road trip with these two may not exactly be the most peaceful one, and while they are both flexible enough to adapt to any changes along the way, this may not exactly be enough to keep this relationship going long term. They both view life in very different ways, and this can ultimately lead to their downfall.

2. Sagittarius Are The Optimistic Idealists Of The Zodiac, While Virgo Tends To Lean Towards Realism

As the Jupiter-ruled sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius folks are all about expansion and personal growth. They’re excellent at taking in the big picture and they never get too caught up in the details. They tend to believe that everything will simply work itself out, and if it doesn’t — well, they’ll deal with it later. This is something that Virgos detest, and they’ll be quick to ask, “What do you mean we’re just going to embark on a long journey without a road map?” This is something that a Virgo secretly admires about their Sagittarius bestie, but also simultaneously frustrates them to no end. Their desire to obsess over details can often leave them stressed and exhausted, and they often need someone with them to lift their spirits or lighten the workload. Sagittarius’ positive attitude is sure to put a smile on Virgo’s face, but it’s only a matter of time before that smile turns into agitation because their Sag friend isn’t exactly prioritizing the facts.

3. Virgo Excels At Logical Decision-Making, While Sagittarius Tends To Be A Free-Thinker

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, which governs over things like speech, writing, and communication. They make excellent teachers, writers and public speakers, and they tend to be the mentally sharpest people in the room. Sagittarius individuals are incredibly intelligent, but they need a lot of freedom when it comes to their thoughts and ideas. As a fire sign, their reasoning may not always make sense to a logical, down-to-earth sign like Virgo. In a friendship, this could easily lead to disagreements if Virgo tries to talk some sense into Sagittarius when they’re being a little impulsive. Sagittarius individuals can’t be held back by anyone, so they likely will resent Virgo’s efforts to try to bring them back down to earth. While they both mean well, they may just be a little too different for their own good.

4. These Two Signs Can Make It Work, But It May Be An Uphill Battle

A Virgo and Sagittarius friendship can be incredibly profound and insightful, but at the end of the day, it can also be incredibly limiting for Sagittarius and a big headache for Virgo. These two signs simply want very different things in life, and unless they’re able and willing to constantly meet in the middle, they may not exactly be the best of pals. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should drop your Virgo BFF, but your differences are significant — and this can either make or break your relationship.

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