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The Meaning Of Uranus Retrograde Can Feel Surprisingly Personal

This planet is breaking all of your traditions.

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For a planet that doesn’t get talked about much, Uranus transits such as Uranus retrograde pack a major punch. Though Mercury retrograde usually gets the blame for many of the drastic changes that take place in life, the outer planets tend to be the ones causing all the drama. Uranus is the planet all about breaking out of structures and molds in a way that’s abrupt and unexpected — and sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. That’s why it’s important to know the meaning of Uranus retrograde.

Uranus spends about seven years in one sign, so the effects of this planet usually take time to unravel, but the impacts are noticeable almost immediately. Uranus has been traveling through the sign of Taurus since 2018, which is an interesting combination considering that Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This is a sign that does not do well with change, so the upheavals that Uranus has been responsible for lately haven’t exactly been easy. To add to the mix, this planet stations retrograde is on Aug. 19, 2021, and it will ask you to reconnect with your desire for freedom and rebellion.

Uranus is a planet all about shocking revelations and discoveries, and depending on the house it’s traveling through in your birth chart, this outer planet can feel surprisingly personal. Uranus transits have a way of changing things in your life overnight, whether you’re ready for it or not. Think back on the last couple of years: What’s been suddenly removed or added to your life?

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Uranus Retrograde In Taurus: Aug. 19, 2021 To Jan. 18, 2022

When a planet stations retrograde, it goes back over the path that it previously embarked on not once, but twice; the retrograde itself brings it back, and the direct station brings it forward again. As a planet passes back and forth over a specific area of your chart — more specifically, an area possibly containing planets in your birth chart — it can spark some major activity. This could be a time where some unfinished business comes up in accordance with your Taurus-ruled house, or it could be time to do a deep dive inward. Either way, the retrograde of a planet like Uranus is asking that you reevaluate your relationship with your personal freedom and rebellion. Again, the energy that Uranus possesses couldn’t be any more different than Taurus — the sign it’s currently in — but even fixed earth has to switch it up sometimes.

Taurus being a sign all about comfort and stability has its perks, but it can also lose its edge, being so stubborn and all. Uranus retrograde is asking that you redefine what stability looks like for you. Is it sticking to the same outdated belief systems or routines, or is it time to switch some things up? If you’re uncertain, don’t worry — by the time Uranus retrogrades end, you should have a lot more clarity on how to proceed.

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