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If These 4 Zodiac Signs Want To Succeed In 2022, They Can’t Rely On Luck

They need to be patient and resilient instead.

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A new year has arrived, and with it, comes 365 days full of untapped potential. After surviving all the difficulties 2021 brought you and living to tell the tale, it’s only natural to believe in a better tomorrow. Astrology can give you an idea of what tomorrow holds, but if you happen to be one of the least lucky zodiac signs of 2022, the new year may be filled with more challenges than you were hoping for.

Don’t let this discourage you, because it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have a terrible 2022. What is luck anyway? Luck is when something goes well, even when you haven’t prepared or put any effort into it at all. Luck is when you you buy a lottery ticket, and of the billions of other tickets, yours happens to be selected. Point blank — Luck is never earned. If you get by on nothing but luck, your success is as random and meaningless as the roll of a dice.

In astrology, Jupiter is considered the planet of luck, but that doesn’t mean its impact always feels lucky. Jupiter is a planet that makes everything it touches bigger, and if Jupiter is bringing up challenges, it may just make those challenges seem even more amplified and emphasized.

If your sun or rising sign is in Leo, Virgo, Libra, or Taurus, you might feel disappointed that Jupiter isn’t bringing you much luck during 2022. However, you don’t need luck to be successful, not when you can work hard and make it happen anyway. Why depend on luck when you can depend on yourself? Here’s how these zodiac signs are making the best of it:

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Taurus: You’re Looking Inward And Embracing Forgiveness

During 2022, you may find yourself craving solitude. Jupiter will spend time in Aries from May 10 to Oct. 28, returning to Aries once again on Dec. 10, where it will remain throughout 2023. This transit will bring awareness to your spiritual 12th house, which could enhance your dreamworld and distract you from the “real” world. It could also evoke plenty of intense emotional breakthroughs, but the healing they lead to will make it worth it.

Leo: You’re Discovering How To Let Go And Trust In Your Strength

Astrologers are ranting and raving about how great Jupiter in Pisces will be, but you might not be digging the vibes as much as everyone else. Jupiter will be in Pisces until May 10, and again from Oct. 28 to Dec. 20, making 2022 a year about learning how to embrace change. This transit will activate your eighth house of transformation, pushing you to make sacrifices that will pave the way for the deepest spiritual growth imaginable.

Virgo: You’re Outgrowing Things That Once Meant A Lot To You

This year, Jupiter will spend most of its time in Pisces, but not all of it. From May 10 to Oct. 28 and from Dec. 20 onward, Jupiter will also move through Aries, activating your eighth house of creation and destruction. This energy may force you to make some difficult decisions. You can’t hang onto the past forever, especially if you’ve outgrown it. During 2022, you may learn the consequences of hanging onto something well past its expiration date.

Libra: You’re Learning The Importance Of Self-Control

It’s often the simplest things that can be the most difficult to accomplish, and during 2022, you may learn the price of indulgence without moderation. Jupiter will move through Pisces until May 10 and again from Oct. 28 to Dec. 20, bringing attention to your sixth house of health and nourishment. During this time, you may give yourself too much of a good thing, which can teach you now to know when you’ve reached your limit.