10 Unique London Date Ideas That'll Alter Your Brain Chemistry

POV: You’re on the trip of a lifetime with bae.

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London has big main character energy. Year after year, the English capital city tops practically every single list of trending travel destinations, including those for 2023. Is it because of all the historical landmarks? The magical shopping experiences? The affiliation to the Spice Girls? Whatever reason everyone has for wanting to visit the birthplace of Prince Harry, it’s clear that London is constantly calling. If you’re planning a revenge travel trip to the hot spot with your partner or besties this spring or summer, then you should consider one of the many unique date ideas London has to offer.

Since set-jetting, or visiting places used as filming locations, is a popular travel trend for 2023, the landmarks featured in Bridgerton and dark backdrops in You are pretty obvious stops for your London tour. Imagine promenading like Daphne and Simon in front of the same home the Bridgertons reside in, or stopping for some bussin food in the same market Joe (aka Professor Jonathan Moore) and Kate are seen wandering through under London Bridge. You isn’t necessarily a picture-perfect example of romance, but it still provides spots worthy of the heart-eye emoji.

Then, of course, there are the peak touristy attractions like the West End, Big Ben, and anything associated with Harry Potter. (If you went to London and didn’t take a picture in front of King’s Cross station, did you really go?) All of those are probably already on your list; the keyword you’re looking for is *unique*. If you’re looking to add a little bit of spice, here are some fun yet different date ideas for your London itinerary:


Drink Champagne on the London Eye.

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The London Eye may look like an everyday Ferris wheel from afar, but the UK’s most popular paid tourist attraction hosts fun experiences throughout its 30-minute rotations. One such experience, the Cupid's Pod, offers a bottle of rosé Champagne, plus a box of pink Champagne truffles for a two-person capsule. A slay any day of the week. ($37+pp)


Climb The O2 Arena.

If a hiking date is more your speed, you should consider climbing the world-famous O2 Arena. That’s right, fam, you can scale the space once occupied by performers like Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and BLACKPINK with your SO, via Up at The O2; it takes about an hour to traverse the venue, including a stop at the top to take in the gorgeous view. ($43+pp)


Alter your reality at a twisted museum.

Step inside what’s being helmed as London’s new “playground for perceptions.” Located in Europe's busiest shopping hub, Oxford Circus, Twist Museum is full of trippy exhibits and colorful photo opps for you and your special someone. ($24+pp)


Immerse yourself in multiple masterpieces. And yoga.

Keeping on the immersion train, Frameless is another recent option packed with Instagram-worthy opportunities. Not only can you look at dozens of dreamy paintings, you could actually be in them. Bonus: You and bae could also buy tickets for yoga classes (that start March 5) in the venue for both an active and interactive experience. ($30pp)


Walk The Superbloom at the Tower Of London.

As part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration in 2022, 20 million seeds were sprinkled in the moat around the Tower of London to create the Superbloom, leading to basically the same amount of pics on IG. And that same breathtaking showcase of flowers is expected to return this summer, so you better practice holding your hand behind you as your partner takes hold for the ultimate POV shot. (Price TBA)


Participate in Squid Game. That’s right.

Nothing says romance quite like a 60-minute round of Squid Game. This virtual reality experience in London’s Immersive Gamebox location includes all six challenges from the South Korean Netflix series of the same name. Horrifying? Slightly, but you’ll still get the green light for a good time no matter what. ($45+pp)


Slide down the world’s longest tunnel slide.

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A day exploring London’s iconic Tower Bridge, The Shard, and St. Paul’s Cathedral requires so. much. walking. A unique way to pick up your feet, if only for a short while, is a date to the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the world's tallest and longest tunnel slide. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it looks. ($20+pp)


Watch the most realistic “hologram” show in existence.

Before it leaves in November 2023, you and your love need to make your way to ABBA Voyage, a VR concert experience that will forever live in your mind rent free. Whether you’re a diehard fan of ABBA or have a Mamma Mia! obsession, the avatars (aka ABBAtars) for each of the members of the Swedish pop group are so incredibly realistic, you’ll swear you were transported to the ‘70s. ($26+pp)


Sip afternoon tea while casting spells.

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Traditional afternoon tea is always the vibe for any tourist. Afternoon tea at the Wands & Wizard Exploratorium is next-level. Anyone looking to bring out their inner witch or wizard in London needs to add this to their itinerary, if only to make their own (love?) potions. (Prices vary)


Explore the Palace’s largest exhibition of all time.

So many castles, so little time. Even if you’ve visited all the spots in London worthy of a Bridgerton scene before, there are always new experiences popping up. One such event is the upcoming Crown to Couture exhibit at Kensington Palace, home of Prince William and Princess Kate (well, one of the homes, anyway). It’s set to feature contemporary red carpet fashion worn by celebs like Lizzo and Lady Gaga, alongside stunning historic costumes. If your partner’s got rizz, they’ll know that this stop is a must. ($31+pp)

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