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TikTok is loving Trader Joe's mini canvas tote bags, and here's when they'll be restocked.

Here’s When Trader Joe's Will Restock Those Viral Mini Tote Bags

TikTok can’t get enough of the reusable “tote-lets.”

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Before Trader Joe’s even had a chance to “promote them in any way,” the grocery chain’s Mini Canvas Tote Bags were sold out in stores. Like Hailey Bieber’s Rhode Lip Case and Stanley Cup’s pink tumbler, the Mini Canvas Tote Bags from Trader Joe’s became a viral sensation on TikTok — meaning people were lining up in stores to collect as many as they could. Now that they’ve flown off the shelves, fans who missed out on the initial drop are now wondering whether there will be a restock.

A representative tells Elite Daily that there are “more Trader Joe’s Mini Canvas Tote Bags coming.” You’ll just have a wait a bit. “Customers can expect to see them in our stores in late summer,” according to the rep. “Our Mini Canvas Tote Bags certainly sold more quickly than we anticipated.”

TikToks of customers waiting in stores to buy a mini tote bag (or four) as soon as they were put on shelves show just how popular these Trader Joe’s items are. Content creator Thaddeus Yan even traveled to different Trader Joe’s stores in Southern California over a dozen times to get the Mini Canvas Tote Bags in every color available. The thick canvas $3 tote bags come with four different strap shades — red, yellow, blue, and green.

Thaddeus Yan/Instagram

Yan initially only wanted to get the blue and green mini bags, but ended up buying all four because of the struggles he went through to find them. In his Instagram Reel documenting when he found the bags, Yan says he is aware of how wild it is to be on the hunt for mini tote bags, but because they were limited-edition, they became a coveted item. “It wasn’t that deep when I first started,” Yan says about looking for the bags. “It was for fun, and now, it’s deep because I was struggling to find them.”

So, what’s so special about these bags? The mini size of these “tote-lets” definitely is one reason, and Trader Joe’s is known for making reliable reusable bags that you can use for not only shopping but styling as well. Yan actually showed off how cute these mini bags can be when paired with a matching sweater for the spring.

You don’t have to ask every day when they’re coming back.

The functionality of the two outer pockets also sets this tote bag apart from just regular reusable bags you can find at other grocery stores. The $3 price tag also makes these more budget-friendly than Erewhon’s $52 tote bag.

When the bags return this summer — in “late August, early September” — you’ll be able to find them in the same four colors. Since Trader Joe’s has said when these mini bags will be restocked, they say “you don’t have to ask every day when they’re coming back.”

If you can’t wait a few months, though, you can always shop for an alternative. Trader Joe’s rep says, “We do not endorse the re-sale of any of our products, anywhere,” so don’t get pressured into buying these bags on eBay for $450. While you wait to get your hands on the actual Trader Joe’s mini bags, pick up a canvas dupe to hold you over.