Popular TikToker Justin Holt's 'Squid Game' Halloween light display is going viral.

This TikToker's Squid Game Halloween Decorations Look Scarily Realistic

Who wants to play?


While the deadly games from Squid Game are arguably the stuff of nightmares, one TikToker is making one of the Netflix series’ most memorable scenes a reality for Halloween. TikTok star Justin Holt, who is known on the platform for his over-the-top holiday light displays, has done it again by transforming his house into the scene of a Red Light, Green Light game — and the TikToker’s Squid Game Halloween decorations are eerily realistic. From a replica of the deadly robot doll to audio of gunshots, Holt’s Manchester, New Hampshire home (popularly known as “the TikTok house” on the platform) has been completely transformed.

The 18-year-old programming whiz, who told The New York Post he spent $20,000 creating the project as well as about 500 hours of work, said he decided to break his tradition of only doing Christmas light displays after recently watching the popular Netflix series. Fans of Squid Game can expect plenty of details from the show to be replicated in the light display. Terrifyingly enough, the Red Light, Green Light doll actually talks and swivels her head around to catch any movement. While the house is lit in green when the doll’s back is turned away from the yard, it turns red when she turns around and shouts, “Red light” — an announcement which is followed by audio of gunshots. Meanwhile, two guards can be seen watching passersby from the upstairs windows.

Holt shared two videos of the experience to his TikTok account @justinthelightguy, which has 1.2 million followers as of Oct. 29. In one, an automated voice can be heard saying, “Let the game begin,” and a digital clock starts counting down from five minutes. In the second, Holt and a fellow TikToker initially freeze when the doll says “red light,” then start dancing as soon as they’re told that they’re in the clear. The lights on the house also change into more multi-colored ones as they celebrate.

Unsurprisingly, Squid Game fans who don’t live in New Hampshire are flooding the comments section with words of praise. If you’re able to visit the TikTok house to see Holt’s Squid Game Halloween light show in person on Halloween, however, there’s a chance you could be in for a real surprise.

According to The Post, Holt is thinking of taking advantage of the doll’s ability to sense movement by having any wannabe trick-or-treaters play the Red Light, Green Light game in order to get some candy. If you aren’t able to make it to New Hampshire, you can always check out one of these immersive Squid Game experiences coming to New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago in 2022 or get in on the impromptu games of Red Light, Green Light that are happening around the world.