The robot girl from 'Squid Game' was at the real-life 'Squid Game' held in the Netherlands by Netfli...

Netflix Held A Real-Life Squid Game In The Netherlands To See If You Could Survive Red Light, Green Light

Winners got the ultimate Squid Game prize pack.

Squid Game has really taken over. The Korea survival drama has quickly become the number one series on Netflix, not just in the U.S., but all over the globe. It’s so popular in some countries that Netflix held a real-life Squid Game in the Netherlands for fans to see if they could survive the first game in the show.

If you’ve marathon-watched the series like the millions of other Netflix subscribers around the world, you know that the players in the Squid Game compete in deadly versions of children’s games like Red Light, Green Light and Tug of War. These are some of the same games you probably dominated on the playground at recess, but do you think you could survive them now with the threat of death looming over you? That’s what some people who competed in the real-life Squid Game in the Netherlands wanted to see.

According to a video posted to the Netherlands Netflix Instagram account, anyone in Maastricht could wait in line to play Red Light, Green Light. After being given a number similar to the ones on the green tracksuits that the contestants wear in the series, players then had to line up in front of the giant robot girl doll from the show. However, instead of the robot checking to see if you’re moving, there were some Squid Game guards on hand in their pink jumpsuits and helmets that’ll decide if you should be eliminated.

Anyone lucky enough to reach the finish line received a Squid Game goodie box that included a green tracksuit like the one worn by Gi-Hun in the show, along with some Dalgona candy and marbles. While it’s not a multi-million dollar cash prize, it does have everything a Squid Game fan would want to take home with them. You can even use your prize to test your skills even further by trying to cut a shape out of your Dalgona candy and play a game of marbles with your roomie.

While hundreds of people tried out the Squid Game experience for themselves, there were some people who decided just to watch. Twitter user @AngelStarlight4 posted a video of the real-life Squid Game online, stating, “I would be eliminated immediately, because of shaking with fear.” Honestly, same. Plus, the added pressure of an audience probably doesn’t help. However, if you think you could survive, maybe it’s time you try out your very own Squid Game IRL.

While there is no word on whether Netflix will be bringing their Red Light, Green Light game to the U.S., there is a Squid Game immersive experience you can sign up for right now. Unlike the Netflix version, this Squid Game will include multiple rounds of games from the show. That means you’ll not only play Red Light, Green Light, but you’ll also get a chance to take on the Dalgona Candy challenge and test your strength in Tug Of War as well. The Squid Game: Immersive Experience is also happening in several cities like New York City and Los Angeles, so there’s sure to be a game you can join close to home. The waitlist to sign up is open now for the games happening in January 2022.

Of course, you can also just plan a Squid Game at home with your roomies. These games can easily be played in your backyard or at the park, and you can find some Dalgona candy recipes on TikTok to make your own honeycombs. If you really want to go all out, you could even get some last-minute Squid Game costumes to wear like the matching green tracksuits and some pink jumpsuits for the judges.

The best part about these real-life Squid Game experiences is that unlike the show, it’s all of the fun without any of the deadly consequences.