'Squid Game' is full of eye-catching looks that make for great last-minute Halloween costumes.

5 Last-Minute Squid Game Halloween Costume Ideas

It's dark, but at least it's topical.


It seems like every year, some huge pop culture phenomenon takes over just in time for Halloween and becomes everyone’s go-to costume inspo. This year, expect to see a ton of red jumpsuits and green sweats at Halloween parties and on your social feeds. Squid Game has remained the buzziest new show since it premiered on Netflix on Sept. 17, and all of its eye-catching outfits make it the clear winner for this year’s No. 1 TV-themed costume choice. And don’t worry if you’ve put off deciding what to wear, because these last-minute Squid Game Halloween costume ideas are easy to pull together quickly.

Squid Game feels almost like it was engineered to dominate during spooky season. The Korean survival series debuted right before fall began in earnest, and came packed with instantly iconic costume designs. From the guards’ red jumpsuits and shape-inscribed face masks, to the players’ numbered green sweatsuits, each group of characters has an instantly recognizable uniform that fans of the show will get right away. And while many costume sites are scrambling to provide actual Squid Game-inspired costumes, it’ll be increasingly hard to grab an exact recreation as they begin selling out faster and faster as Halloween approaches. Don’t worry, though; you can easily throw together your own Squid Game creation with a few creative swaps.

1. Squid Game Guard Halloween Costume


Clearly, only one piece of clothing is essential to have your friends immediately recognize you’re dressed as a Squid Game guard. You just need to track down a red or pink jumpsuit.

To create your own mask, getting a fencing mask would be ideal, but they don’t exactly come cheap. Instead, buy an inexpensive black face covering and then paint on either a circle, triangle, or square with white paint.

2. Squid Game Player Halloween Costume


Netflix actually has a fun option for Squid Game fans who want to dress up as their favorite player... or even create their own version of a player. The streamer’s merch store carries customizable Squid Game player shirts that let you choose which number will be emblazoned on them.

Then, just pair that shirt with a green sweatshirt and sweatpants.

3. Squid Game Front Man Halloween Costume


Front Man is the only character for which finding an exact replica of look is actually really important in portraying him. His black geometric mask is really is his only recognizable feature, and luckily, tons of sites are selling recreations of the iconic face covering.

Then, throw on a gold hoodie to really make it pop.

4. Squid Game VIP Halloween Costume


Dressing up as one of the VIPs is a super simple last-minute costume idea, because all you need is a suit and a cheap mask. Just look around for golden animal masks and you’ll find plenty options to choose from.

5. Squid Game Robot Doll Halloween Costume


The “Red Light, Green Light” robot doll from Episode 1 became an internet sensation, and it’s not too difficult to recreate her outfit for Halloween. The main things you need are a red dress and a yellow polo.

To really sell the look, you can use black paint to create the illusion hinges on your arms, and pop in some red contacts to copy the doll’s deadly glare.

Thankfully, all of these Squid Game looks are already so iconic that you can take some creative liberties with throwing a last-minute costume together, and fans of the show will still have no trouble guessing who you are. So, start looking around and prepare to have one of the buzziest costumes of the year.