Squid Game on Netflix

Here Are The Funniest Squid Game Memes On The Internet

Because we need to bring a little humor to the show.

by Ani Bundel

Reality competition shows are big on Netflix, as are K-dramas, so it’s no surprise that it would be a K-drama that brought a competition show so dramatic it took over the streaming service like a house on fire. The series, which is genuinely shocking in its combination of playground games and brutality, has become the show to talk about on social media. And like all good responses to something so horrifying you cannot look away, the jokes have come quickly. Naturally, the funniest Squid Game memes on the internet are the ones that turn the show’s most terrifying moments into laugh-out-loud images.

The brilliant conceit in Squid Game’s endless simplistic games is that they are just familiar enough to viewers to be understood — after all, who hasn’t played “Red Light, Green Light”? But no one ever played a version of the game in which sniper rifles were involved for those who do not freeze when the Robot Doll finishes talking. Likewise, tug-of-war is something that’s been played the world over since medieval festivals, just not nearly with such deadly results.

The combination of the familiar and the gruesome — not to mention the show's sudden overwhelming popularity — makes the series ideal for meme-ing. Here are some of the internet's best jokes so far.

The twists and turns (and tearful moments) are also ripe for meme fodder as fans realize just how manipulated they are by the show.

And then there’s... the doll. She may not actually eat your face, but good lord does she ever look like she will.

And of course, fans cannot wait for Season 2. Exactly what a Season 2 might entail, or who will star in it (since everyone is dead) remains to be seen. But rest assured, fans are ready.

All episodes of Squid Game are streaming on Netflix.