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These TikTok couple challenges are easy to do at home.
These 15 TikTok Challenges Are Perfect For You And Your SO To Try At Home

Silly, sappy, and everything in between.

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TikTok is the social media app of the moment. If you haven't seen its viral trends exploding on the Internet, you might be living in some secluded wifi-less cabin in the woods — and that’s fair enough (and very cottagecore of you, as TikTok would say). This app is a hub for fun and has plenty of trends that are worth trying alone or with someone else, including TikTok challenges for couples for when you're hanging out with your partner at home.

When it comes to making TikToks, participating in viral trends and challenges is one of the best ways to go about getting views and likes — plus, it’s fun to take part in something collective. And you can certainly look to all the celebs that frequent the app for inspiration. For example, the “Wildest Dreams” slow zoom trend became so big that Taylor Swift surprise-released her rerecorded version of the song, “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),” so that people could properly use her sound, and she made her own version of the trend when it dropped. If you’re specifically looking for TikTok challenges for couples, there are lots of celebrity couples to look to, such as TikTok royalty Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck. You can also simply tap on the "Discover" tab and search for challenges that are going viral.

Some trends will require you and your SO to film something specific, such as standing in a mirror and switching your outfits. Others will involve the use of a specific viral sound and small pieced-together video collages. All of them will be fun and give you the chance to bond over something that’s all over the internet. And it should be said: Couples of all different genders participate in these trends, even if specific pronouns are used in the audios. Here are 15 couples’ challenges on TikTok you should definitely try out.

#PassingThePhone Challenge

The #PassingThePhone challenge basically consists of some back-and-forth roasting between you and your partner. It’s a fun way to call out your partner for the cringiest habits they have or things that are incredibly specific to them. You simply say, “I’m passing the phone to someone who [insert cringey thing],” and pass the phone to the next person, who does it back. And in classic TikTok fashion, escalate the descriptions as the video progresses to raise the stakes — hopefully no one will walk away with a hurt ego.

“Sometimes All I Think About Is You” Challenge

This trend is perfect when you’re feeling especially grateful and nostalgic about your relationship. Using a slowed down version of Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves,” the “Sometimes All I Think About Is You” trend involves using the audio to showcase something that you reminisce about through a montage of photo and short video flashbacks, such as your wedding day, the early part of your relationship, a vacation, or whatever else you fondly look back at.

Slow Zoom + “Wildest Dreams” Challenge

The Slow Zoom effect has blown up in tandem with Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” as the audio. To participate in the trend, which is meant to make the subject of the zoom the “main character,” you can center your SO as the subject and do one of two options that are going viral: Have them simply lip sync to the song and bask in main character glory, or zoom in on them as you make a startling, almost life-changing realization from watching a movie. This challenge is open to many different interpretations, so have fun with it in your own way.

#LetMeRaiseAToast Challenge

Another sound-based trend, the #LetMeRaiseAToast challenge is one of the cutest challenges you can do. Taking audio from the 1994 film The Little Rascals, “raise a toast to the [person] you love most in the whole world,” and make a sappy collage of precious memories of you two once the beat drops.

Main Character Challenge

In case it isn’t clear, TikTok is obsessed with the idea of being the “main character.” In this trend, coined the main character challenge, use the Comic Me filter, typically paired with WILLOW’s part from the song “Meet Me At Our Spot,” to see what you and your SO would look like as main characters in animation. Try out the trend and see what you two would look like as Disney princes and princesses.

“Yo Bro, Who Got You Smiling Like That?” Challenge

This trend is inspired by those moments when you can’t stop smiling whenever you think of a specific someone. It’s a perfect TikTok couples’ challenge to celebrate everything about your partner that makes you happy. Lots of remixes of the original audio have been used for this trend, so find one that speaks to you and fits just right.

“I’ve Only Said I Love You To Two Men” Challenge

This is the perfect TikTok boyfriend challenge if your guy looks exactly like your celebrity crush — and the same thing goes for girlfriends. The viral trend is done by those whose partners are, as the viral audio says, a person in a dark club who you mistook for [said celebrity]. Prepare for all of the comments saying “you won.”

“I’m A Survivor” Challenge

Using audio from Reba McEntire’s 2001 song “I’m A Survivor,” this comedic trend exploded on TikTok for glorifying people as brave for going through everyday struggles and ordinary tasks. Highlighting one of the people as the “single mom who works two jobs,” many couples took to the trend to poke fun at heroic, but really not that difficult, things each person does in the relationship, such as being the one who brews coffee in the morning, filling up gas for the car unassisted, refilling the Brita filter, and so on.

“Please Don’t Go” Challenge

An instant TikTok classic, the “Please Don’t Go” challenge involves using audio from Mike Posner’s 200K hit of the same name. To start, lip sync to the pre-chorus looking completely normal in your everyday clothes. Then, when the beat drops for the chorus, cut to you and your SO in a car sitting side by side with head scarves and sunglasses on. Your hair should be blowing in the wind while you both keep deadpan faces.

“Flip The Switch” Challenge

This TikTok challenge rocked the world. Known as the #FlipTheSwitch challenge, this challenge requires you and your partner to stand in front of a mirror and dance. When a song cues you to switch outfits and positions, you do so, aiming to get the best laugh.

Plank Challenge

Couples who love tackling physical challenges together will love the plank challenge. The object is to do a full plank routine to the beat of the chosen song. The catch is that the routine includes rolling under your partner and doing one-handed high fives. Do you think you two have what it takes?

#YouCanReallyDance Challenge

Challenge your SO to a goofy dance contest with this viral TikTok sound in the #youcanreallydance challenge. In this challenge,you film yourselves doing different dance moves, pointing at the other person when it's their turn — the goofier the better. The most important thing is that you’re on beat and really feeling yourselves.

Parent Trap Handshake Challenge

If you and your SO have seen The Parent Trap, then you should try out this adorable challenge. Essentially, you learn the iconic handshake that Annie does with Martin when he drops her off at summer camp. Then, you film it and post it with the hashtag #parenttraphandshakechallenge.

Q&A Couples Challenge

There are a ton of Q&A audio clips on TikTok you can try out with your SO. The best ones will require you to close your eyes and then answer a bunch of questions about each other or your relationship. They'll say, "Who initiated the first kiss?," or "Who's the messier one?" Point to who you think, and have your phone record you while you do this challenge so you can see the results afterwards.

#StairShuffle Challenge

Have you ever tried shuffling up the stairs before? Odds are, this is an entirely alien and seemingly impossible concept, but the creators on TikTok made the #StairShuffle challenge a huge thing — like 1.2 billion views huge. Practice the shuffling move, and then try doing it in sync with your SO as you climb a flight of stairs in your apartment. Practice truly makes perfect with this one.

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